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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Transformational Life Style" By Brian Holiday-El (BHoli)

"Transformational Life Style" By Brian Holiday-El (BHoli)

"Daily I die and am reborn, knowing everlasting life is death's reward. Blood, brawn, and bones, is not all I am, but truly unsatisfied till I do all I can. I cherish the day, yet I invite the night. I hope for peace, but I'm prepared to fight. My love is blind, but my heart has sight, and the darker things seem, the more I see light. Death is the direction we head toward in life, yet, with the Holy Breath, there's resurrection and the consciousness of Christ. For many, it's just a metaphor, not words to live by, but they're just caterpillars on their way to becoming a butterfly." ~ BHoli

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