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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day Mahh! And to every mother like mine!

Happy Mother's Day Mahh!  I love you dearly! You mean MORE than the world to me! You're the most positively enlightening, constructively consistent, and empowering force in my life and I am so thankful to still have you in the physical form. You are a phenomenal woman; extraordinary and unique in every way.  Even if I weren't your first born son and just so happened to meet you one day, and had been given the opportunity to get to know you as a person, I would say, "My God! Janet is the most genuine, sincere, unique, real, and beautiful woman I have ever met in my whole entire life!" You're funny, brilliant, dependable, trustworthy, and inspiring, but most importantly, you truly are the closest thing to God in this life to me. You conceived me and carried me. You made me! You birthed, nurtured, protected me, and you unfailingly, graciously, and earnestly provided and still provide a quality of nourishment and guidance that empowers me as an individual and a man to make correct decisions that I haven't always made, yet and still you love me no less, all the more, unconditionally!   Always and forever will I honor you as a son should a mother, by listening, yielding to your wisdom and understanding that is beyond my years and returning your love and favor by, being responsible, holding myself accountable to my own uniqueness and greatness, and walking in a spirit of humility; all the while being unapologetically true to and truly me. I will always willingly and wholeheartedly give you the honor, respect, and love you deserve as a mother, my mother, but you've also been the greatest friend I could ever ask for and at times you still feel like the sister I never had, and I'm grateful!  You're attributes are far too many to name but your unique and creative artistic expressions, your loving kindness, your tireless work ethic, your remarkable devotion and dedication to motherhood, family, and friendship are hallmarks in my memories and thoughts of you.  It's a mighty long shot, but I can only hope and pray that some day a woman will be prepared for me that keeps me in the mind of you.  Sincerely yours,  Your number one Son, Jameel!  NOTE: "Dear Readers,  you have my expressed permission to substitute your Mother's name and your gender in the the letter above to make this Mother's day special and feel free to pass it along." TiB!  Let's Go!