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Friday, May 31, 2013

"The Secret Life Of Sean And Sasha, By Design." Part 1 By Brian Holiday-El 

Let's Go!

"The Secret Life Of Sean And Sasha, By Design." Part 1 By Brian Holiday-El 


"Sean Carter, long had Knowledge of the Self, knows, practices, and experiments with his unique design, is seldom given due propers for how much of the Knowledge Of Self he's been exposed to on his own, before the fortune and fame, and, how aware he potentially is of the Knowledge.  Likewise, the uninitiated cannot see the effects of how much of that Science he's shared with Beyoncé Knowles Carter; and, is now imparting to Blue Ivy Carter.  

Uninitiated, the profane public is so fixated on the illuminati hysteria that Sean's efforts and history of being affiliated with the circles of knowledge is undermined.  I see this photo and I'm reminded of how far he's come as an individual who came from the bottom, and no less so for Bey.

As an Independent Rave Psychology and Human Design practitioner, working with clients in accessing the unique potentials of their Personality and Design Crystal, I clearly see how it is that few people can look passed the glitz and the glamour of the "shinny things" Sean, in a Bloomberg Chat with Warren Buffet and Interviewer Charlie Rose, said that people so like.  My questions to the readers are, "Can you see passed illuminatiism, Jay-Z's Tom Ford suit and Bey's Pucci dress, Christian Dior coat, and Lorraine Schwartz emeralds, and see the science behind the moves this man, nay, this union...this composite you see in the photo is now and have been making for sometime??? 

Via Analysis, I empower my individual and Composite (couple) clients and Penta (family-group) Trustomers to engage life by design, using all of their unique potentials to their strategic advantage.  Doing so, makes one authoritatively original and unique as well as holistically healthy.  Living by design or living one's design begins with applying the formula for no fault living that comes with your precise birth date, place, and time. 

Learning your Unique Design, begins with an Analysis. 

Sean Carter is very very aware of this and he demonstrated the degree of his awareness by how he brought his and Bey's recent daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, into the world; which, of course, was by design.  

Individuals progressively conscious and mature about parenting in this millennia need read one of my more controversial pieces, "Is He A Daddy Or A Father, In Real Life?"

Not only was Blue Ivy Carter a scheduled birth in a cordoned facility, but Sean scheduled his daughter's birth and made it so that Blue was born on the 4th floor AND on the the 4th line of the Genetic Codon containing the most mystical line of the 384 lines of the Human Genome Code called The Alpha and The Omega; a line with no Planetary accent, no exaltation and no detriment! How many parents are planning their children's births and lives like that?  

Ironically, or not, stolen from his predecessor or not, when you say Sean's stage name you are actually calling him the Alpha and the Omega and I'm not referring to Hov. The Alpha indicates the beginning and the Omega indicates the ending. A in the Jay is the Alpha.  Z, the last letter in the English ALPHABETA, indicates the ending: Daddy's little girl. 

Clearly, it's going to take some time for people to appreciate the significance and the import of the paragraph above, but, by scheduling Blue's birth on that date and at that time and in that way, Sean ensured, by Design, that Blue, even if she was not the heiress of hundreds of millions of dollars, was born with ALL of the Personality potentials required to instinctually RISE UP on the Material plane through her definition of Transformation; A Design Of Being Driven, in a Gate epitomizing the Mundane and the Mystical: Ambition; The Marrying Maiden while grounded in her Design Of The Thinker: Awareness!

People initiated or privy to the knowledge of their unique design have seen this line but certainly weren't paying attention to Sean having scheduled Blue's birth on that date, on that line, at that degree, on that day; loooooooooong before that day. 

I'm a revealer, so, I'll be the first to tell you that each individual has the powers of the heavens and the earth but fear and ignorance cripples humanity from ever being able to live through their own individual authority and express their own unique awareness, allowing their lives to unfold and become its own phenomenon, it's own mythology.  

The Knowledge is always hidden in plain view because, quite frankly, the truth can't be hidden, but the mind can be utterly distracted from it, that distraction environmentally reinforced, and, set conditioned distraction can be and is engineered in such a way that it becomes self-perpetuating. 

See ... 

"An Astrological Separation Of Church And Faith" Part 1 By Brian Holiday-El 

Native Americans and Roman Catholics built a Zodiac Church?

Furthermore, Design knowledge, as I was telling someone earlier, is, in short, elitist.  People that are consumed with surviving on the day to day basis don't have the attention resource to plan life, major decisions or minor decisions, specialized education, product launches, weddings, births, trips, sex, food, career, living arrangements etc., by design.  That's where I fit in. 

 As a result of being unaware of how to use and be used by the stellar program imprinting the design, people simply suffer the fates of unfulfilled props on someone else's stage.  

Sean is no dummy and he is doing and has been doing what a man in his position is supposed to do, educate his woman and give his child the best set of circumstances before they come into this world, as they're being carried in the womb, and where and when and how they exit the womb and into the world. He isn't free-styling life, making it up as he goes along.  Everything he does is planned out, methodically, by design, and he does have help.  

Sasha, Sandy, Saturn, and Single Ladies. 

Beyoncé has been put on to the Knowledge: "Knowles credited both her husband and rapper Jay-Z, and jazz singer Etta James (Happy Born Day Friday as of this writing) for inspiring her to push the limits of her songwriting and artistry."

In astrology, one of the first things I recommend people, nearing the age Beyoncé was when she revealed her altered Ego, Sasha Fierce, learn about is what's called the Saturn Return.  Sean is older than Bey and he'd gone through his Saturn return and made plenty of mistakes, but, you can see how his understanding and awareness of mechanics offset the harsh planetary energies associated with Bey's Saturn return.  We got a taste of Saturn's energy when she entered Scorpio in 2012 for the 1st time in approximately 30 years and we called her Hurricane Sandy.   Sean schooled Bey on what cycle she was in the threshold of as well as the mythology surrounding that cycle and my intuition is that he guided her or had her guided in a way that embraced that planetary energy and used it as a force for her own artistic evolution. 

The whole I Am Sasha Fierce album was by design.  I'm a little hungry, so, I'll leave the reader with this., "Beyoncé sang, "If you like it then you should've put a ring on it. If you like it then you should've put a ring on it.  Don't be mad once you see that he want it. If you like it then you should've put a ring on it. Uhh Uhh Ohh!" 

Here's some basic facts.

* "Sasha is a unisex given name. It originated in countries of Central, Eastern and Southern Europe as a diminutive of ***ALEKSANDER and ALEKSANDRA. It is also found as a surname, although this is very rare. Alternative spellings include: Саша (Russian, Serbian), Сашо (Bulgarian), Саше (Macedonian), SAŠA (Slovenian, Serbian, Croatian, Czech, Slovak, Lithuanian), SASZA (Polish), Сашко (Ukrainian), SASCHA (German), Sasja (Dutch and Swedish), and SACHA (French).

How ironic is this...

SANDY or SANDRA, comes from ***AlexANDRA/AlexANDER!!! They're the same! AlexANDROS (Defender Of Men; GK Alexo (to DEFEND, to PROTECT, to WARD OFF, KEEP OFF, TURN AWAY.) In Greek, the name Sandy means- from the name alexander. Other origins for the name Sandy include - Greek, Scottish, English. The name Sandy is a unisex name and can be USED FOR a BOY OR GIRL name (male orAlexander masc. proper name, from Latin, from Gk. Alexandros "defender of men," from alexein "to ward off, keep off, turn (something) away, defend, protect" + aner (gen. andros) "man" (see anthropo-). The first element is related to Gk. alke "protection, help, strength, power, courage," alkimos "strong;" cognate with Skt. raksati "protects," O.E. ealgian "to defend." As a kind of cocktail, it is attested from 1930...AND HERE IS THE KICKER ... Arabic/Turkish ISkANDAr or SikANDAr meaning VICTORIOUS! To the Hindi of the Hindu ShANI or SATURN! SATURN! SATURN!!!!

"Shani, protector of property, has a VULTURE (USA Anyone?), RAVEN or CROW in which he represses thieving tendencies. Under Shani's influence, the vahana can make even malevolent events bring HOPE (THE VICTORIOUS Barak Leo the Lion-ruled-by-the-Sun-Obama's election slogan as President of the USA anyone?) 

"The word shani also denotes the SEVENTH day or SATURday in most Indian languages. The word shani(शनि) comes from Śanayē Kramati Saḥ (शनये क्रमति सः), THE ONE WHO MOVES SLOWLY, because Saturn takes ABOUT 30 years to REVOLVE around the SUN."

Well, well, well, SASHA & SANDY are one and the same...really corruptions of  the energy of SATURN!  Many are under the assumption that Saturn is Masculine, when in actuality, its feminine. Hence the term "Unisex" being used to describe the applications of the name.  Most view Saturn as masculine because she's feminine with a more manly aspect of expression.  When did Beyoncé birth Sasha into the world?  I Am Sasha Fierce came into the world's potential conscious access in SCORPIO as Beyoncé approached her SATURN RETURN! Sasha said ring three times in the chorus.  What planet appears to have three rings? Saturn!  

Note: "The two lead singles from I Am... Sasha Fierce, "If I Were a Boy" and "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)", both charted highly internationally."

Have you ever wondered how people who get on top, remain on top? Let's say you didn't give all of your power over to the illuminati hysteria and you echoed Dick Gregory's mentality that nothing supersedes, "Universal Order." What's left? Nature, Man, Woman, Child, Sun, Moon, Stars, and the Planets!  Nothing spooky about that.

What Sean, Beyoncé, and soon, Blue Ivy, know that most don't is how potentials are best fulfilled and activities yield the greatest results when they are accessed by Design. 

Brian Holiday-El, Host of the sapiosexual BodyTalkLive® is a, Writer, Artist, Activist, Children's Design Advocate, former Public School Educator, Human Design Trainer, Independent Rave Psychology Practitioner and HD Analyst, and is currently accepting formal invitations for, Tours, Clinics, Tutorials, Seminars, Apprenticeships, Rave Body Graph Analysis (Readings), Color Transference Analysis, Cross Of Life Analysis, Composite (Partnership) Analysis, Sexual Design Analysis, Professional Analysis, and more.

To begin investigating what this Transformational 4 year Plutonic transit that began January 5th 2013 has in store for you or the 4 Month Nodal Shift into The Foundation Houses Of The Example and The Director that began on 3/9/2013 lasting until 7/24/2013 or to simply begin the discovery process of, learning, experimenting with, and living your Unique Design text Brian online @ 908.829.7137 ~ or send an email to TiB! using, 

Learning your Unique Design, begins with an Analysis. 

"The 7 Year Heart Warning." By TIB! Brian Holiday-El Host of BodyTalkLive® 

Let's Go!

"The 7 Year Heart Warning." By TIB! Brian Holiday-El Host of BodyTalkLive 

The 7 Year Itch, In Real Life ~ 

An Aries friend I've known since 94', who is actually kin to a relative of mine, with a lot of gall in his Design (See Design Initiation Appendix) and a self-professing notorious reputation for his diverse sexual exploits, married a beautiful virgin who bore him beautiful children and he never cheated on her until 7 years into the marriage.  The spike and boom in extramarital affairs, for both male and female, seven years into a marriage or relationship is substantially documented.  Likewise, sudden or beleaguered career changes, relocations, inspirations to bear children, purchase pets, and the like, chronically occur in 7 year intervals.  Why? 

In fact, for movie lovers, there's a classic film from back in the day by Billy Wilder called, "The Seven Year Itch," starring Marilyn Monroe and Tom Orwell, that's actually an adaption of the same name from a play by George Axlerod, but Vanessa Brown, of Tarzan-slave-girl fame, starred in it before Marilyn sliver-screened it, dramatizes this very real 7 year phenomenon. 

This past Summer, while returning from a walk through the neighborhood park with my then 8-year-old daughter and my neice-in-law, a bunch boys were passing by, some the same age, some younger, and some a bit older than they, so I seized that moment as a chance to see how the two of them responded in the now to the presence of a peer group from the opposite sex.  My daughter made me a proud father and my niece made me even prouder of my daughter but more concerned with the youth in general.  It was the perfect opportunity to give them what I call the 7 Year Heart Warning.  

The 7 Year Heart Warning

Kneeling down, my daughter straddled onto my shoulders and I grabbed my niece up like a sack of potatoes.  With both of them in tow and giggling with excitement, I began carrying them the rest of the way to the house and I told them, "It takes 7 years to truly get to know a person."  At almost exactly the same time, they both echoed, "7 Years?!"  Continuing on, I said, "All three of us have parents that are no longer together."  As the silence so characteristic of knowing began encircling and enclosing them, I could very much feel them processing my words and trying to find a hole in what I spoke other than the mouth it escaped from; so, I doubled down on their young and supple minds, saying, "All three of our grandparents, the mothers and fathers of our mothers and fathers, have either divorced or separated." They mused a bit as they recollected then murmured, "It's true." Why? 

Invited to share more with them, very simply I began by asking them, 'The two of you are 8... where are all of the clothes you once wore when you all were 1-years-old?" Unable to produce an answer, I asked them, "Why aren't you wearing the clothes from when you were little?" 'Yes!  Exactly!  You grew out of them.  When we can no longer fit them, ideally, there's someone close by that's the perfect size and the clothes you can no longer fit get recycled by being passed along as we what? Grow!  You grow on the inside and the outside! Your bodies on the outside grow as well as the organs inside of your body and as this growth process unfolds you change and you evolve as an individual.  You grow, change, and evolve, on a physical, mental, and emotional or spiritual level as well!  You mature.  You develop.  You no longer think, act, speak, or dress as you did when you were 1-years-old. You grow apace and this growth is natural, so it must and will take place.  With all of this potential growing, changing, and evolving, transpiring within you, how can you come to truly know your self, let alone the other? Only over time, unless, of course, you learn to see their designs like I do and get the 411 beforehand.'

Stopping curbside the front yard, I said, 'You girls are too heavy and I'm not as young as I used to be, so, you're going to walk through the door on your own." My niece hopped down and skipped into the house, and as I bent down, my daughter climbed off of me and held my left hand as she always does. I sensed her wanting to hear more, so, like I always do, I let her have an ear full.  I explained, 'It takes 7 years to really get to know a person baby girl.  By now, you have learned in Science class that the Human Body is made up of millions and millions of cells.  Every 7 years, the cells that make up your little body, like the skin of a snake, completely regenerate or remake themselves, all except for a few, such as the cells composing the Liver; which is why damage to the Liver through degenerate activities such as alcohol and drug abuse often causes the type of harm to one's physical identity that cannot be reversed.  Because our bodies are made up of cells, our lives, are very much a mirror to the life of a Cell! In real life, we too have distinct 7 year cycles based upon our cellular biology. We have greater Cycles too, very important cycles that holds deep and dear significance to our lives, shorter and longer, based upon the movements of the Sun, the Planetary Bodies, The Nodes, the Star Fields, some of which we've talked about, that dovetails or ties into our 7 Year Cycles.'

'If a guy really likes you and really wants to get to know you, or vice versa, he will wait and you'll benefit most by waiting too.  Over 7 years you really get to know people because you get to see for yourself, how they respond to your growth and their own, your changes and their own, your evolution and their own; on a physical, mental, and emotional or spiritual level.  You also get to see what about that person changes and what doesn't, what about you changes and what doesn't, and what about the relationship changes and what doesn't, allowing you to see where, how, and why, someone does or doesn't fit into your life and the direction in which it is progressively moving. This gives you a depth of perspective that can only develop over time and emerge through clarity and awareness. 

As your Father who loves you more than anything imaginable and unimaginable, I have to give it to you straight.  Consider this your 7 Year Heart Warning.  Before you convince yourself or allow someone else to convince you to not wait and encourages you to jump on the first thing smoking, remember what happened to the clothes you wore as an infant or a toddler that gets worn out, passed along, recycled, trashed, and forgotten.  Honoring your body and your life's cyclical processes, paying attention to the changes you go through and a person goes through over time, prepares you with all of the information and experience you need to make what is oftentimes the most important decision of all; Do you love it, learn it, or leave it?' 

                                                      Love yourself ~ 

There are a number of other distinct cycles one goes through affecting every area of one's life, but where are you in your basic 7 year life cycles? 

Brian Holiday-El, Host of the sapiosexual BodyTalkLive® is a, Writer, Artist, Activist, Children's Design Advocate, former Public School Educator, Human Design Trainer, Independent Rave Psychology Practitioner and HD Analyst, and is currently accepting formal invitations for, Tours, Clinics, Tutorials, Seminars, Apprenticeships, Rave Body Graph Analysis (Readings), Color Transference Analysis, Cross Of Life Analysis, Composite (Partnership) Analysis, Sexual Design Analysis, Professional Analysis, and more.

Knowledge Revealed in An Analysis of your Unique Design.

Rave Body Graph Analysis For Beginners 

Jewel ... (Serious must read for people serious about parenting.) 

"In Reeeal Life, just like in a movie, the Personality of the Character changes with the Role, and, just as Actors ARE NOT the *Character they play
though *Traits and *Expressions of their own *Personality they may strongly *Identify with that of the *Role they're portraying on screen, so too, a male in his bonding-mating or *Reproductive Role(s) aka (Daddy) is NEVER the same Man in his caring-preserving Role(s) as Guardian aka (Father)." "Is He A Daddy Or A Father, In Reeeal Life?" An Exposé!  By Brian (TiB!)' Holiday-El 

Read the rest of "Is He A Daddy Or A Father, In Real Life?" By Brian Holiday-El here

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Your Unique Sexual Design Analysis With Brian Holiday-El

Let's Go!

Unique Sexual Design Analysis {240 USD} *Note This Analysis is adapted from The MyDesign-365 S.pinal E.nergy X.cretions Course on the Mechanics of Human Sexuality.  The S.E.X. Analysis & Course.  The Course is {360USD} and is taught over a 30 Day Period.  The Unique Sexual Analysis is condensed learning and is formatted to the specifics of your Unique Design and is broken up into three 1-Hour Sessions with accompanying Question and Answer periods. 

Your Unique Sexual Design Analysis covers the following areas of human sexuality as they pertain to your Unique Design...

Sexual Roles of the Self in Behavior, Interaction, Individual Expression, and Openness of the Self in Interaction; Sexual Roles of the Genes in Bonding, Caring, YOUR Unique Sexual-Sacral-Genetic ID versus G-Center ID, How the Self Manifests and how the Genes Generate, intimacy and caring-hooks and baits. 6 Roles, 6 SubThemes, Duality Of Sub Themes, predetermined genetic roles, formula, Conflict & The 6 Sexual Waves Per Polarity, Emotional Wave Frequency and the Cyclical Hope-to-Pain Emotional Motor, Sexual-Awareness Fusion Points, Feeling Stream, Emoting Stream, Sensitivity Stream, Transforming the Intimacy Process, Tribal Sexuality Marriage, Individual Sexuality Romance, Abstract Sexuality Excitement, 6-Gate-PH-Opened-Closed-Barrier or not, open to penetration or not, builds a barrier or creates life, 6-Roles Genetically, 6-Waves of Intimacy, Sexual Mixes, Sexual-Intimacy Format, 8 Sexual Channels, 16 Sexual Gates, Sexual Resources-Sexual Stream Of Marriage, Sexual Neediness-Wanting, Sexual Obedience, Sexual Possessiveness,  Sexual Arrangement Versus Sexual Excitement, Sexual Bargains, The Sexual Contract, Sexual Principles, Sexual Animus, Sexual Ego Mechanic, Sexual Affection-Cuddling, Sacrifice Rejection, Blinded By Emotional Wave, Wave Conditioning, Tactile Nature Of Tribal Sexuality, Solar Plexus Stream Of Sex: Emotional-Collective Sex, Ego-Tribal Sex, Kundalini-Individual Sex, The 3 different kinds of Sexuality and the 3 Centers of the 3 Sexualities, the 24 Sexual Polarities, Sexual Materialism, Sexual Wave Frequency-Sexual Motor Function, Sexual Nervousness, Themes Of Individual Sexuality, The Stream of Sexual Romanticism-caution/abandon, Sexual Attentiveness-Infatuation, Sexual Food Connection, Mutating Ancient Sexual Patterns, Awakening Sexual Awareness,  How the spirit appears Sexually through Romance, Sexual Adrenalin-Sexual-Root-Kundalini, Sexual-Breath-Love-Prana, volatility, magic, Unrequited-Unconsumated, Love, Strangeness, The Nature Of Adultery, Sexual Moodiness-Fickle, Needing Sexual Attention-Teasing, Sex-Food-stimulation-eating, Sexual Arousal, Stimulation, Build Up, Vibration, Sexual Acoustic-to maintain attention, communicative demands individual sexuality, emotional awareness-music-breathing-mantras-words-of-love, Romance-Sexual Preference-removing the patina for the right sexuality, emotional awareness found through recognizing the true nature of our individual sexuality, sexual connections to eating disorders...bulimia, anorexia, nervosa, celibacy, profligacy, 12-22 (Nervousness Of Tomorrow)...most attentive and hears the least, sexuality and existentialism through knowing, Sexual Manifestation versus Sexual Generation, Sexual Voices, The Voices Of Romance, Sexual Manifestation/Manifestation of individual and abstract through the throat, 12-I know I can try if I am in the mood...Romanticism conditioned by revelation and attentiveness; Sexual adrenalin-the wave-and the emotional experience, sexual nervousness about tomorrow, individuality is all about attracting attention and can be desperate, sexual compensation and eating disorders, Sexuality and the emotional composite, The spirit and the magic of the human voice, sexual tones, sexual acoustic stream, sexual ritual, deeper and deeper, the sexual (romantic) communication, Sexual exploration, Collective Sexuality, Sexual Stream of Excitement,  experiential sex-potential destabilizing through the presence of crisis, Sexual-pressure-fantasy-hunger, sexual boredom, kundalini sex, sexual-feelings-yearnings, Genes don't have feelings-they have strategies, Transitory sexuality, adrenalin-sex, 12 Gates of Sexuality, 2-Gates that must have sex, human experience-driven by fantasy and the possibility of gaining experience, the feel and the burn of sexuality, sexual entering and sexual exiting, the sexual act, the love them, feel them, enter them, and leave them. Tribal Sexuality-touch-contact, sexuality-emotional motor-power-sexual wave destabilization-sexuality as a door way to finding food connection...sexuality and sacral energy...sexuality and the emotional field-intimacy-digestive process-emotionality and sexual health-eating-the immune-sexual system-Sexuality 3 Streams - Caring 5 - Splenic Stream Of Caring - 7 year nurturing and the genetic predisposition to care - caring and altruism - offspring more important than the parents - genetic roles-genetic strategies-caring and values, Fertility Versus Values, genetic domination, circa 7 year hormonal change and the transformation of the genetic nurturing, caring roles, 6 Roles and 6 frequencies operating in resonance -  mirroring the 6 emotional waves - Caring & The Lymphatic system-instinct-intuition, and taste in caring, Awareness Frequencies of the 50 and the 6!  Need as tribal keynote, the emotional and the immune sexual system... Self, Intuitive, Kundalini, Ego, Instinctive Caring, self provider/coveter, nourisher/depleter, bonds made-bonds broken, benefactor-dependent, distributor-hoarder, trust or not.  The emotional Wave-Awareness Frequency Mirror-Resonance ... AND MORE! 

BodyTalkLive® With TiB! Brian Holiday-El And Your Sexual Door Orientation. 

Let's Go!

BodyTalkLive® With TiB! Brian Holiday-El & Your Sexual Door Orientation. 

This coming Wednesday, May 22nd 2013 @ 10pm est., the public is invited to Episode 4 of the sapiosexual Internet Talk Radio Show, BodyTalkLive®, Hosted By TiB! Brian Holiday-El aka BHoli!  "The Sexual Role Crisis & The 6 Frequencies Of Caring Part 1" 

Click to listen to the streaming of the airing

Or dial up..

(646) 929-0647

Thanks again for tuning in to BodyTalkLive® With TiB! Brian Holiday-El & Your Sexual Door Orientation.  Onward from this point, if you have your Body Graph (Rave Chart) you too can begin to make complete sense of and personally benefit from being empowered by this Knowledge. Use the following link to obtain a free chart.  Save it as a JPEG or email it to yourself.  Put it on your phone or post it in my email or fb inbox, post it here on the events page if you're open to that, but ENTER IN YOUR INFORMATION CORRECTLY AND IF THERE IS A DISCREPANCY IN THE ACCURACY OF YOUR TIME INFORM ME BEFORE I SPEAK ON YOUR DESIGN.  YOU are responsible for entering in YOUR birth data correctly.  The precision of the knowledge I'll be conveying from here on out is wholly dependent upon the accuracy of your birth information you'll enter using the Jovian site here

Now that you have your Body Graph, I can point you to your Sexual Door, but, before I do, integrity demands that a disclaimer be a foreword to the transmission that follows. 

Disclaimer: Your Body Graph is the visual science of YOUR UNIQUE DESIGN,  a mechanical revelation of every aspect of what makes you unique; how you are uniquely designed to, eat, dwell, see, learn, express, i.e., YOUR unique Determination (Design Internal {Unique Dietary Regimen Ingestion-Digestion}), YOUR Unique Environment (Design External), YOUR unique View or Perspective (Personality External), as well as YOUR Unique Motivation and Sense (Personality Internal).  Your Body Graph also illustrates what is your unique cognition (How you are design to learn and make sense out of the world and fulfill your unique potential).  Your Body Graph is a graphic illustration of your genetic imprints, prenatal and natal potentials, your auratype, your profile, your nature, your ancestral and personality or stellar inheritances and traits, the themes of the first and second half of your life, the design of your intelligence, your consistencies and inconsistencies, your true voice(s), your conscious and unconscious mind, the design of your brain, body, and mind, the nature of your destiny, fate, or karma, your collective, intimate, caring, creative, familial, and genetic survival roles, your affinity with other forms, from inanimate minerals to plants, insects, birds, and mammals, stars, and on and on; but, most importantly, it details what is your correct strategy and authority for making absolutely correct decisions as your self and for yourself, 100% of the time.  

With all that being said, Your Body Graph also maps out, precisely, the mechanics of your unique sexuality, and the Sexual Door through which it is correct for your aura and body to enter or be entered into by the Other. 

Your Body Graph has 2 sets of data, one headed Personality, located on the right, written in black, coordinated with the moment you were born, while the other, headed Design, is located on the left, is written in red, coordinating the location of the Sun 88 Degrees or 3 Moons or 3 Months prior to your birth, which is the moment your Soul entered into your Body; mechanically described as the Crystallization of your Personality and Design Crystals.  The Black is what you think of as yourself and the red is what's in the blood, what others see you as and the you that you but react to seeing and experiencing; so, the Black is the degrees of awareness of the consciousness you have potential conscious access to in this life and the red is the degrees of awareness of the consciousness you have potential unconscious access to in this life. 

On either side, named hereby in order, from top to bottom are symbols, the Sun, the Earth, the Moon, the North Node of the Moon, the South Node of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto! 

Beside each symbol is a number followed by a decimal then followed by another number.  The number before the decimal will be a number anywhere from 1 to 64, but never higher or lower. The number following the decimal will be anywhere from 1 to 6, but never higher or lower.  

The numbers 1 through 64 coincide with the 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching and the 64 Genetic Codons of the Human Genome Code, and you will hear me refer to them by their number as either Gates, Hexagrams, or Codons.  

Hexa means 6, so, each hexagram, or Gate, or Codon, has 6 lines apiece; 384 in total.  

*Note: Out of 384 Lines throughout the Body Graph, 375 of them are a planetary accented Binary or has (Dual Description), that potentially fixes one's lines to one side or the other.  Design is truly the science of differentiation. The Symbols that precede the numbers tell you which planetary body or nodal position is *Activating that particular Gate and the number following the decimal tells you which *Line that planetary body or nodal position is occupying within that Gate.  Each line is an orb of expression for frequency bearing a holistically threaded theme, and the Planetary Body or Nodal position *Colors that line within that Gate and *Imprints your unique form with its fractal of the crystalline matrix of consciousness streaming, from behind the Sun and the Stellar Fields, via the 'Neutrino Stream to the Neuron's Firing', through that particular planetary body or position, surreptitiously imprinting and conditioning you in the part of your being wherein that Activated Gate is located. 

Furthermore, looking at your Body Graph, do you see where the 64 Gates are distributed throughout what are 9 Centers, also called Chakras or Centrexes, in the body? The 9 Centers, home to organs, glands, secretions, excretions, etc., within the Body are connected by 36 Channels or Quantum which are formed by 2 Gates that are a part of the same Channel.  When 2 gates that are a part of the same channel are activated at the same time, the channel and centers that channel connects become *Defined and as such a consistent and living quantized force of life within whosoever bears it, and whosoever enters the aura of the person bearing that definition is imprinted and open to being conditioned by that quantum of force.  Channels that are not defined at birth become defined by what are called Transits as well as the presence of someone with that definition gaining access to your Aura.  The Aura extends, gyroscopically, three feet out from the sternum and in every direction, but people with the 15/5 (Rhythm), have slightly larger Aura's.

Well, well, well.  How do you feel after that little Body Graph crash course?  What some of you may have caught on to is that, the 9 Centers in your Body Graph is derived from the Hindu Chakra System which has 7 Centers, but, we have evolved and everyone born after the arrival of Uranus in our Solar System in 1781, were born with an evolved 9 Centered Body or Vehicle with a Uranian, not a Saturnian, Life Cycle.   What some of you may also have picked up on is that the 36 Channels are derived from the Tree Of Life or Kaballah.  Finally, the planetary bodies, Constellations, and nodal positions are derived from Occidental or Western and Orient Astrology, and the 64 Gates from the Tao or the I Ching. These sciences are now and forevermore Parts of the Whole that is the Synthesis and the Whole is always Greater than the Sum of it's Parts!  

In short, "Sciences synonymous with the parts comprising the Synthesis are I-Ching and the Xīngguān System of China, the Ifa of West-Africa, the Chakra and Nakshatra System of the Hindu-Brahmans, Western-Astrology of the Mayans/Aztecs and other Aboriginals of America, Arabian-Stellar-Astrology, Egyptian-Astrology, Metu-Neter-Dendera-Cosmogony, The Hawaiian-Huna-System, UFT-Physics-(meta, neutrino and quantum), bio-neuro-chemistry-plasticity, principles and truths of the Helios-Holy-Sun Biblious-Book-Bible, the Bavagad Gita, K.O.R.A.N (Knowledge, Order, Rhythm, Astronomy, Nature) Adept Chamber Lessons of Moorish-Science, 64 Genetic Codons of the Human Genome Code." 

So, now that I'm sure that you know there's far more to your unique design than your sexuality, here's how you find your Sexual Door. 

Look at your Personality Sun.  The number following the symbol of your Personality Sun is the Gate the Sun was in the moment you were born and indicates 70% of your Genetic Imprinting.  Find your Sun's Gate in your Body Graph, and for those of you with a Rave Body Graph Mandala, locate your Personality Sun in your Body as well as in the Mandala, the Wheel surrounding it.  That is the exact location on the inside and the outside of your form where your Personality Sun has established 70% of what you're consciously preoccupied with. 

Staying with your Personality Sun data, the number following the decimal is the Line of the Gate that the Sun was in the moment you were born and the Line of the Gate your Personality Sun Activates IS your Sexual Door! 

If the Line occupied by your Personality Sun is a 1, your Sexual Door is briefly described as, "The Role Of Pursuer/Pursued"

If the Line occupied by your Personality Sun is a 2, your Sexual Door is briefly described as, "The Role Of Shyness/Boldness"

If the Line occupied by your Personality Sun is a 3, your Sexual Door is briefly described as, "The Role Of Bonds Made/or Broken" 

If the Line occupied by your Personality Sun is a 4 your Sexual Door is briefly described as, "The Role Of Confidant/ or Not"

If the Line occupied by your Personality Sun is a 5, your Sexual Door is briefly described as, "The Role Of Seducer/Seduced"

If the Line occupied by your Personality Sun is a 6, your Sexual Door is briefly described as, "The Role Of Soul Mate/ or Not" 

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