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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Your Unique Sexual Design Analysis With Brian Holiday-El

Let's Go!

Unique Sexual Design Analysis {240 USD} *Note This Analysis is adapted from The MyDesign-365 S.pinal E.nergy X.cretions Course on the Mechanics of Human Sexuality.  The S.E.X. Analysis & Course.  The Course is {360USD} and is taught over a 30 Day Period.  The Unique Sexual Analysis is condensed learning and is formatted to the specifics of your Unique Design and is broken up into three 1-Hour Sessions with accompanying Question and Answer periods. 

Your Unique Sexual Design Analysis covers the following areas of human sexuality as they pertain to your Unique Design...

Sexual Roles of the Self in Behavior, Interaction, Individual Expression, and Openness of the Self in Interaction; Sexual Roles of the Genes in Bonding, Caring, YOUR Unique Sexual-Sacral-Genetic ID versus G-Center ID, How the Self Manifests and how the Genes Generate, intimacy and caring-hooks and baits. 6 Roles, 6 SubThemes, Duality Of Sub Themes, predetermined genetic roles, formula, Conflict & The 6 Sexual Waves Per Polarity, Emotional Wave Frequency and the Cyclical Hope-to-Pain Emotional Motor, Sexual-Awareness Fusion Points, Feeling Stream, Emoting Stream, Sensitivity Stream, Transforming the Intimacy Process, Tribal Sexuality Marriage, Individual Sexuality Romance, Abstract Sexuality Excitement, 6-Gate-PH-Opened-Closed-Barrier or not, open to penetration or not, builds a barrier or creates life, 6-Roles Genetically, 6-Waves of Intimacy, Sexual Mixes, Sexual-Intimacy Format, 8 Sexual Channels, 16 Sexual Gates, Sexual Resources-Sexual Stream Of Marriage, Sexual Neediness-Wanting, Sexual Obedience, Sexual Possessiveness,  Sexual Arrangement Versus Sexual Excitement, Sexual Bargains, The Sexual Contract, Sexual Principles, Sexual Animus, Sexual Ego Mechanic, Sexual Affection-Cuddling, Sacrifice Rejection, Blinded By Emotional Wave, Wave Conditioning, Tactile Nature Of Tribal Sexuality, Solar Plexus Stream Of Sex: Emotional-Collective Sex, Ego-Tribal Sex, Kundalini-Individual Sex, The 3 different kinds of Sexuality and the 3 Centers of the 3 Sexualities, the 24 Sexual Polarities, Sexual Materialism, Sexual Wave Frequency-Sexual Motor Function, Sexual Nervousness, Themes Of Individual Sexuality, The Stream of Sexual Romanticism-caution/abandon, Sexual Attentiveness-Infatuation, Sexual Food Connection, Mutating Ancient Sexual Patterns, Awakening Sexual Awareness,  How the spirit appears Sexually through Romance, Sexual Adrenalin-Sexual-Root-Kundalini, Sexual-Breath-Love-Prana, volatility, magic, Unrequited-Unconsumated, Love, Strangeness, The Nature Of Adultery, Sexual Moodiness-Fickle, Needing Sexual Attention-Teasing, Sex-Food-stimulation-eating, Sexual Arousal, Stimulation, Build Up, Vibration, Sexual Acoustic-to maintain attention, communicative demands individual sexuality, emotional awareness-music-breathing-mantras-words-of-love, Romance-Sexual Preference-removing the patina for the right sexuality, emotional awareness found through recognizing the true nature of our individual sexuality, sexual connections to eating disorders...bulimia, anorexia, nervosa, celibacy, profligacy, 12-22 (Nervousness Of Tomorrow)...most attentive and hears the least, sexuality and existentialism through knowing, Sexual Manifestation versus Sexual Generation, Sexual Voices, The Voices Of Romance, Sexual Manifestation/Manifestation of individual and abstract through the throat, 12-I know I can try if I am in the mood...Romanticism conditioned by revelation and attentiveness; Sexual adrenalin-the wave-and the emotional experience, sexual nervousness about tomorrow, individuality is all about attracting attention and can be desperate, sexual compensation and eating disorders, Sexuality and the emotional composite, The spirit and the magic of the human voice, sexual tones, sexual acoustic stream, sexual ritual, deeper and deeper, the sexual (romantic) communication, Sexual exploration, Collective Sexuality, Sexual Stream of Excitement,  experiential sex-potential destabilizing through the presence of crisis, Sexual-pressure-fantasy-hunger, sexual boredom, kundalini sex, sexual-feelings-yearnings, Genes don't have feelings-they have strategies, Transitory sexuality, adrenalin-sex, 12 Gates of Sexuality, 2-Gates that must have sex, human experience-driven by fantasy and the possibility of gaining experience, the feel and the burn of sexuality, sexual entering and sexual exiting, the sexual act, the love them, feel them, enter them, and leave them. Tribal Sexuality-touch-contact, sexuality-emotional motor-power-sexual wave destabilization-sexuality as a door way to finding food connection...sexuality and sacral energy...sexuality and the emotional field-intimacy-digestive process-emotionality and sexual health-eating-the immune-sexual system-Sexuality 3 Streams - Caring 5 - Splenic Stream Of Caring - 7 year nurturing and the genetic predisposition to care - caring and altruism - offspring more important than the parents - genetic roles-genetic strategies-caring and values, Fertility Versus Values, genetic domination, circa 7 year hormonal change and the transformation of the genetic nurturing, caring roles, 6 Roles and 6 frequencies operating in resonance -  mirroring the 6 emotional waves - Caring & The Lymphatic system-instinct-intuition, and taste in caring, Awareness Frequencies of the 50 and the 6!  Need as tribal keynote, the emotional and the immune sexual system... Self, Intuitive, Kundalini, Ego, Instinctive Caring, self provider/coveter, nourisher/depleter, bonds made-bonds broken, benefactor-dependent, distributor-hoarder, trust or not.  The emotional Wave-Awareness Frequency Mirror-Resonance ... AND MORE! 

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