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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dreaming The Undreamable Dream By the Doc, Brian Holiday-El aka TiB!

Calling All Stars by TiB!
"Dreaming The Undreamable Dream!"
"When you're too afraid to live your Dreams...
...your life eventually becomes a living nightmare!" TiB!
Astrological Dark Humor Quotes For the Houses by TiB!
Leo, "Working hard or hardly working?"
Virgo, "If you don't learn from history, you're doomed to repeat it."
Libra, "Since you can't change the ocean or the wind, adjust your sail."
Scorpio, "Are you ready for your fifteen minutes?"
Sagittarius, "Loose ends need tying and unfinished business needs tending to."
Capricorn, "Everything is not for everybody."
Aquarius, "Sometimes you gotta put your shoulder to the wheel!"
Pisces, "Is the glass half full or half empty?"
Aries, "If it ain't broke then don't try and fix it!"
Taurus, "The possibilities are endless but the resources are not."
Gemini, "One hand washes the other and both hands wash the face."
Cancer, "There's nothing to fear, not even fear itself."
The Following 6 Day Transit is in Affect for All Signs and Designs...
"Dreaming The Undreamable Dream!" the Doc, Brian Holiday-El aka TiB!
"What are your deepest desires? This current 6 day Transit which began late Thursday night, 8/16/2012, lasting until tomorrow evening, 8/22/2012, is all about tapping into whatever your burning DESIRE happens to be! Specifically the Desire to experience or to live out your DREAM! This is about committing to the process of going after and eventually experiencing the Fulfillment of a Fantasy. Whats your fantasy? What do you have a burning passion and desire to experience in this life? What experience is going to seal your fate? What could you live the rest of your natural life and die doing? What do you really, really, want? Ask your self or anyone else that question. Its not going to be easy to for them to answer. Most people simply don't know what they want. They really don't. Its actually pretty confusing to a great many people. Some people want so much that they never get anything, while some desire very little, and therefore achieve the same. Desires ebb and flow. They're also contagious. When they're contagious, it's called the Joneses. That's when everyone is chasing the same fantasy, the same dream, the same illusion, the same fantasy. What a mess! Desires are shifty: they change. One minute it's this and the next minute it's that. Which one, out of all of the desires that you feel, which one is really and truly yours. Out of all of the solicitations for commitments you're going to receive from Friday on out for 6 days, which one is specifically for you? Which commitment is going to empower you, and allow you to be successful? The experience that's truly correct for you, even when it doesn't pan out exactly the way you desired it to, when it's the correct experience for you, how can you ever regret it? That's one sure sign of correctness, no regrets, no remorse!
What it is is not going to be that simple for people to articulate, but if they haven't been completely "burned out" then the desire will be there, the emotion will be there, the passion will be there, the hunger will be there, the wanting for the experience will be there, but which one, out of the many that we feel, is really the real deal? Which passion is the fruit? I couldn't help myself right there. This is what this energy is all about. It's about going all the way out and getting it. It's about the burning passion to commit to something that you really, really want! This is where we meet with the realization of the limitations of our individual fates. There's but one way in and out of this world and that is through dying to live and living to die. We are born naked and frail and we die alone. What is it that you want to accomplish before you leave this life? What's your bucket list? What do you really, really, really want out of this life, your life? Here, in this particular distribution of energy throughout what we call the Maia, the Matrix, the illusory world of duality in form, this is where there is the greatest potential for focusing in on, narrowing down, becoming emotionally and spiritually clear on what it is that you have a burning desire and passion to experience in this short little life we're privileged to have the opportunity to experience and potentially enjoy.
I know they say that desire is the beginning of all sin. It's true! It really is! But without desire there really wouldn't be a such thing as Experience! Desire is where it all starts. I'm not speaking on logic, or taking a logical direction, the 'let's experiment-if this then that scenario.That's not what this energy is about perse. This is the Abstract circuit, this is about living the experience, committing to the experience, surrendering to the experience, being present in the experience, getting through the experience, and then, once it's complete, once it's over, once you're finally through, then and only then is it "safe to look back," so to speak.
HOWEVER, this is an emotionally involved commitment to an experience. It is going to always and forever be ruled by the law of cycles and the wave of emotion that moves from pain to hope! The key here is being in tune enough with yourself, with your emotional state, to know where about you are in your wave. Are you even on your wave or are you riding on the emotional wave of another? If you commit when you're low on the wave, when you do rise up, will you still want to be involved? When you're high in your wave, and you commit, look out! What goes up, must come down! All things have beginnings, middles, and endings. Like the many waves of emotion moving from pain to hope, there are also many cycles that each and every human being is experiencing at any given moment. Focus and gain clarity on where you are in all of your experiences, all of your commitments, and all of your engagements. Nothing is promised. Success isn't promised. Failure isn't promised. Nothing is promised. The secret is in making the correct decision in what to say no to and what to say yes to, because whatsoever you say yes to, you're going to have to see it all the way through. If you say yes to the right thing then you will enjoy the pleasure and pain that comes with every experience.
And that brings me to my next point which is that certain to be present is the fear! Yes the fear is what is holding and what is going to continue to hold people back from realizing their dreams. Make no mistake about it, people are really just children, scared to death children. They've allowed the programming and the conditioning to whittle away their inner authority. They've given their true authority away before they even knew that they had it and so they're more than likely caught up in the blame game; either blaming themselves, some other person, or blaming the world! The only thing that can keep you from having the experience that's correct for you, is making an anxious, fear-ridden mental decision to commit yourself to a process or an experience that's incorrect for you. It may be the correct experience but not the correct time. Why force it? It may be the correct time, but not the correct experience for you to commit yourself to, so, again, why force it? Don't let the fear push you toward or away from what your true desire is. That's far easier said then done and that's why there are so many regrets people end up carrying around with them for the rest of their lives. They take that remorse, regret, worry, anxiety, and unnecessary concern with them to the grave. What a life! Fear is natural, it is what makes us all the more intelligent and without it, we would not be able to survive. But fear should not keep you from living your life. In this case, with this particular transit, the fear of dreaming, the fear of fulfilling your fantasy, whatever that maybe, allowing that fear to keep you from committing to an experience, surrendering to a process, committing to succeeding at what is truly there for you to empower yourself, that's a scary thought!
Fear plays a huge part in keeping people from enjoying all that life has to offer and they never see how they're caught up in the blame game and that's where their energy is going instead of it being focused on what it is that they really and truly want.
The flip-side is, this energy to experience, to go on that ride, to make that commitment to whatever process of discovery...the flip side, the trick, so to speak, here is, it's not personal and it's not going to be done alone. Though the focus on the surface will be self empowerment, it will have to be done with the other! Someone is going to get taken with someone else on the ride of their lives, or not! This can be an exciting and an exhilarating time! It can be awesome and inspiring! It can set the tone for a new cycle of one wonderful series of experiences after another, all taking place in the now, making way for a brighter future, a future wherein you're on the right course, on your course, to self-empowerment and fulfillment of your purpose. You can focus your energy into what is your true passion, channel that energy into new and old commitments that are correct for you, and, as a result, go on to succeed where others fail, or, you can fail to focus, or focus on the wrong desires, make the wrong commitments, and find yourself in an endless string of unfulfilling experience after unfulfilling experience. Make the wrong decision on what to commit to discovering, make the wrong decision on what to persevere about, make the decision incorrectly and you will be the one asking yourself that one line in the movie, "How the hell didn't get myself into this?" or feel like the person at the theatre, watching a boring movie and asking yourself, "How long until this movie is over?" or you could be dating that boring movie, committed to that boring movie, working the rest of your life at that boring movie, living the rest of your life in that boring movie, becoming that boring actor in that boring movie. It's really all up to you! The Decision is YOURS and no one else's. If you can, remember this," when you're too afraid to live your dreams, your life eventually becomes a living nightmare." the Doc, Brian Holiday-El akaTiB!
"Dreaming The Undreamable Dream!" " Don Quihote.
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