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Monday, August 26, 2013

"Even in the use of force when provoked respond with patience." TiB! 

"Even in the use of force when provoked respond with patience." 

33 Degree Mason, running about 30 miles per week, late 50's now I reckon, became my mentor my Freshman year, then Lieutenant now Captain Price, 40,00 troops in his command during Desert Storm, led the NSU Police into the thick of this huge fight that broke out in the middle of what we used to call the Sweat Box, a party in the small gym every other weekend or so, he entered the mayhem so calm, cool, and collected, tossing big body dudes left and right, not a wince, not a flinch, no hesitation, zero indecisiveness, full intensity and in full control, established order out of a 15 man fight in a matter of moments.  The officers flanking him were ducking and apprehensive as they entered the fray but not Price.  We used to talk for hours, several times a week, trading books and paradigms.  He chaperoned for me when I organized a charted  bus trip to the Million Family March.  He's a military and strategic genius and he taught me, but he would say we taught each other, a great deal over the years, yet, that night, chairs, fists, elbows, and bodies flying all over the place, he demonstrated how even in the use of force when provoked respond with patience." 

Sincerely yours, 

Brian Holiday-El 

Know thyself and the Other

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

"Real Life Story Of Perfection." By Brian TiB! Holiday-El

Let's Go!

"Sometimes stepping back from a situation gives you just enough time and space to respond with strategy and authority.  When I was a preteen and before he passed I used to caddie for my grandfather who was the chauffeur for the president of Bell Atlantic.  Yearly defensive driving certifications were mandatory.  "I like a smooth ride," he'd say before I cranked up the Golf Cart.  He told me he drives for everyone on the road and is watching the driver 3 cars ahead of him, so when that driver slowed down his foot was already hovering the brake.  Over the course of 26 plus years, he NEVER had an accident." Brian 'TiB!' Holiday-El #perfection