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Friday, May 31, 2013

"The 7 Year Heart Warning." By TIB! Brian Holiday-El Host of BodyTalkLive® 

Let's Go!

"The 7 Year Heart Warning." By TIB! Brian Holiday-El Host of BodyTalkLive 

The 7 Year Itch, In Real Life ~ 

An Aries friend I've known since 94', who is actually kin to a relative of mine, with a lot of gall in his Design (See Design Initiation Appendix) and a self-professing notorious reputation for his diverse sexual exploits, married a beautiful virgin who bore him beautiful children and he never cheated on her until 7 years into the marriage.  The spike and boom in extramarital affairs, for both male and female, seven years into a marriage or relationship is substantially documented.  Likewise, sudden or beleaguered career changes, relocations, inspirations to bear children, purchase pets, and the like, chronically occur in 7 year intervals.  Why? 

In fact, for movie lovers, there's a classic film from back in the day by Billy Wilder called, "The Seven Year Itch," starring Marilyn Monroe and Tom Orwell, that's actually an adaption of the same name from a play by George Axlerod, but Vanessa Brown, of Tarzan-slave-girl fame, starred in it before Marilyn sliver-screened it, dramatizes this very real 7 year phenomenon. 

This past Summer, while returning from a walk through the neighborhood park with my then 8-year-old daughter and my neice-in-law, a bunch boys were passing by, some the same age, some younger, and some a bit older than they, so I seized that moment as a chance to see how the two of them responded in the now to the presence of a peer group from the opposite sex.  My daughter made me a proud father and my niece made me even prouder of my daughter but more concerned with the youth in general.  It was the perfect opportunity to give them what I call the 7 Year Heart Warning.  

The 7 Year Heart Warning

Kneeling down, my daughter straddled onto my shoulders and I grabbed my niece up like a sack of potatoes.  With both of them in tow and giggling with excitement, I began carrying them the rest of the way to the house and I told them, "It takes 7 years to truly get to know a person."  At almost exactly the same time, they both echoed, "7 Years?!"  Continuing on, I said, "All three of us have parents that are no longer together."  As the silence so characteristic of knowing began encircling and enclosing them, I could very much feel them processing my words and trying to find a hole in what I spoke other than the mouth it escaped from; so, I doubled down on their young and supple minds, saying, "All three of our grandparents, the mothers and fathers of our mothers and fathers, have either divorced or separated." They mused a bit as they recollected then murmured, "It's true." Why? 

Invited to share more with them, very simply I began by asking them, 'The two of you are 8... where are all of the clothes you once wore when you all were 1-years-old?" Unable to produce an answer, I asked them, "Why aren't you wearing the clothes from when you were little?" 'Yes!  Exactly!  You grew out of them.  When we can no longer fit them, ideally, there's someone close by that's the perfect size and the clothes you can no longer fit get recycled by being passed along as we what? Grow!  You grow on the inside and the outside! Your bodies on the outside grow as well as the organs inside of your body and as this growth process unfolds you change and you evolve as an individual.  You grow, change, and evolve, on a physical, mental, and emotional or spiritual level as well!  You mature.  You develop.  You no longer think, act, speak, or dress as you did when you were 1-years-old. You grow apace and this growth is natural, so it must and will take place.  With all of this potential growing, changing, and evolving, transpiring within you, how can you come to truly know your self, let alone the other? Only over time, unless, of course, you learn to see their designs like I do and get the 411 beforehand.'

Stopping curbside the front yard, I said, 'You girls are too heavy and I'm not as young as I used to be, so, you're going to walk through the door on your own." My niece hopped down and skipped into the house, and as I bent down, my daughter climbed off of me and held my left hand as she always does. I sensed her wanting to hear more, so, like I always do, I let her have an ear full.  I explained, 'It takes 7 years to really get to know a person baby girl.  By now, you have learned in Science class that the Human Body is made up of millions and millions of cells.  Every 7 years, the cells that make up your little body, like the skin of a snake, completely regenerate or remake themselves, all except for a few, such as the cells composing the Liver; which is why damage to the Liver through degenerate activities such as alcohol and drug abuse often causes the type of harm to one's physical identity that cannot be reversed.  Because our bodies are made up of cells, our lives, are very much a mirror to the life of a Cell! In real life, we too have distinct 7 year cycles based upon our cellular biology. We have greater Cycles too, very important cycles that holds deep and dear significance to our lives, shorter and longer, based upon the movements of the Sun, the Planetary Bodies, The Nodes, the Star Fields, some of which we've talked about, that dovetails or ties into our 7 Year Cycles.'

'If a guy really likes you and really wants to get to know you, or vice versa, he will wait and you'll benefit most by waiting too.  Over 7 years you really get to know people because you get to see for yourself, how they respond to your growth and their own, your changes and their own, your evolution and their own; on a physical, mental, and emotional or spiritual level.  You also get to see what about that person changes and what doesn't, what about you changes and what doesn't, and what about the relationship changes and what doesn't, allowing you to see where, how, and why, someone does or doesn't fit into your life and the direction in which it is progressively moving. This gives you a depth of perspective that can only develop over time and emerge through clarity and awareness. 

As your Father who loves you more than anything imaginable and unimaginable, I have to give it to you straight.  Consider this your 7 Year Heart Warning.  Before you convince yourself or allow someone else to convince you to not wait and encourages you to jump on the first thing smoking, remember what happened to the clothes you wore as an infant or a toddler that gets worn out, passed along, recycled, trashed, and forgotten.  Honoring your body and your life's cyclical processes, paying attention to the changes you go through and a person goes through over time, prepares you with all of the information and experience you need to make what is oftentimes the most important decision of all; Do you love it, learn it, or leave it?' 

                                                      Love yourself ~ 

There are a number of other distinct cycles one goes through affecting every area of one's life, but where are you in your basic 7 year life cycles? 

Brian Holiday-El, Host of the sapiosexual BodyTalkLive® is a, Writer, Artist, Activist, Children's Design Advocate, former Public School Educator, Human Design Trainer, Independent Rave Psychology Practitioner and HD Analyst, and is currently accepting formal invitations for, Tours, Clinics, Tutorials, Seminars, Apprenticeships, Rave Body Graph Analysis (Readings), Color Transference Analysis, Cross Of Life Analysis, Composite (Partnership) Analysis, Sexual Design Analysis, Professional Analysis, and more.

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