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Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Rave Body Graph Analysis For Beginners" With Brian Holiday-El

MyDesign-365 Body Graph (Chart) Analysis Services with Brian Holiday-El 

Where to begin?  My Guidance reaches into the past life, this life, and the life to come, but the 4 Analysis below is where the best beginnings begin.

Let's Go!

MyDesign-365 Body Graph (Chart) Analysis Services with Brian Holiday-El 

Where to begin?  My Guidance reaches into the past life, this life, and the life to come, but the 3 Analysis below is where the best beginnings begin.

1.) Strategy & Authority Analysis {90 USD} ~

Can you name any act an individual does more than or impacts one's life greater than the decisions that he or she makes?  Large or small, major or minor, everything an individual, has experienced, is experiencing, has yet to experience, and the quality of life characterizing a human being's experiences throughout a lifetime, is a direct byproduct of the sum total of decisions either made by that individual or by individuals surrounding him or her; more often than not, to the detriment of that individual. 

Comprehensively, The MyDesign-365 Strategy & Authority Analysis, based upon one's precise, date, place, and time of birth, reveals with crystal clear clarity one's OWN Formula For No-Fault Living which is derived from the Strategy & Authority of one's own Type.  The Strategy & Authority of one's Type is an Absolute, meaning, the decision-making capacity to immediately and consistently and unerringly reproduce the life enhancing strategic advantages of its effects is only dependent upon one's committed ability to perform it correctly; and, correct experimentation with Strategy & Authority reconditions and aligns the body and the mind with the correct geometry and true purpose of that individual's life, bringing Satisfaction, Success, and beautiful Surprises, instead of frustration, bitterness, anger, and burnout. The MyDesign-365 Strategy & Authority Analysis is, holistically empowering, awareness expanding, life enriching, and, if honored, results in No-Fault Living through Perfected Decision Making. 

2.) Color Transference Analysis {180 USD} (Only Available for Post Strategy & Authority Analysis Clients) 

Do you know the name of your correct motivation? While Strategy & Authority eliminates the unnecessary resistance from one's life by aligning the body or honing the vehicle to its correct frequency, on a mental level, the individual's Personality continues to suffer greatly on this plane due to what? Transference is what snatches away the intelligence, health, and vitality of an individual's unique expression, replacing what would be differentiated originality with a dumbed-down homogenized version of what is the Not Self, with it's insignia of amplified distortion and its hallmarks of pressurized, fear, anxiety, stress, and threat.  

Just as behind each and every decision is a strategy and authority, beneath each and every expression is a motivation and below that motivation is cognition.  Cognition is the architectural font of intelligence and the moment an individual's mind is no longer reflecting it's true motivation is the selfsame moment that that individual is Transferred to a false motivation and as such is completely cut off from every aspect of what makes that person unique and intelligent. 

Whereas experimenting with one's Strategy & Authority ensures the wellbeing of the life of one's Form or Body on a vehicular level, The MyDesign-365 Color Transference Analysis advances one's knowledge from the Strategy & Authority of one's Type to the level of Color in one's Unique Design; educating, the Personality on the nature of its true motivation and training the mind to watch for and deflect Transference, resulting in the Liberation or Release of *Passenger Consciousness.

3.) Cross Of Life Analysis {120 USD} (Only Available for Post Color Transfer Analysis Clients) 

Have you ever heard the phrase in life,"we all have a Cross To Bear?"  Well, by Design, we all do!  Again, based upon one's precise, birth, date, place, and time, each and every human being has a Design that is unique to that individual, the visual science of which is illustrated in his or her Body Graph.  One's Cross Of Life is established at the moment and location of birth by the positioning of, the Sun, the Earth, the South Node of the Moon, and the North Node of the Moon.  

By Design, 70 % of our Genetic Imprinting, via the Neutrino Ocean, Streams through the Sun, eventually, entering, filling up, mutating, and exiting our Personality and Design Crystals of Consciousness, and is surreptitiously Grounded in the Earth. The South and North Nodes of the Moon divide into two distinct parts, the first and second half of our new 85-year-Uranian-Lifecycle. The Nodes of the Moon are magical, and, among other things, give us a pure information, energy, or consciousness feed from cycles transcending our Solar System, thereby predetermining the, 'who's, where's, what's, when's, why's, and how's', one is moving from, through, and towards in life, thereby pre-establishing the environmental, setting, plot, theme, and characters, of the 1st and 2nd half of our lives.  

Applying one's Strategy & Authority aligns one's body or vehicle one decision at a time, navigating the life upon the path of least resistance, and, with its transformational affects, empowers the individual, engenders the differentiation of unique potentials, and the fulfillment of one's Purpose, but knowing and defending one's color or motivation from transference is the penultimate therapy for the Personality...healing one's body and mind, and comprehensively reconditioning the two into becoming clean filters of consciousness; at the same time, The MyDesign-365 Cross Of Life Analysis offers an education into the meanings behind the movement of one's life by a decoded understanding of one's Cross Of Life. The MyDesign-365 Cross Of Life Analysis allows one to, on a potentially conscious level, be resolutely clear and cognizant of what uniquely defines and grounds him or her on a mental level (Sun-Earth), as well as who, why, when, where, what, and how one is designed to Uniquely See when one looks out into the world surrounding him or her (North-South Node), resulting in a mechanical, practical, and new and and empowered Knowing of what it means to be and to see for and as one's true self! 

4.) Unique Sexual Design Analysis {240 USD} *Note This Analysis is adapted from The MyDesign-365 S.pinal E.nergy X.cretions Course on the Mechanics of Human Sexuality.  The S.E.X. Analysis & Course.  The Course is {360USD} and is taught over a 30 Day Period.  The Unique Sexual Analysis is condensed learning and is formatted to the specifics of your Unique Design and is broken up into three 1-Hour Sessions with accompanying Question and Answer periods. 

Your Unique Sexual Design Analysis covers the following areas of human sexuality as they pertain to your Unique Design...

Sexual Roles of the Self in Behavior, Interaction, Individual Expression, and Openness of the Self in Interaction; Sexual Roles of the Genes in Bonding, Caring, YOUR Unique Sexual-Sacral-Genetic ID versus G-Center ID, How the Self Manifests and how the Genes Generate, intimacy and caring-hooks and baits. 6 Roles, 6 SubThemes, Duality Of Sub Themes, predetermined genetic roles, formula, Conflict & The 6 Sexual Waves Per Polarity, Emotional Wave Frequency and the Cyclical Hope-to-Pain Emotional Motor, Sexual-Awareness Fusion Points, Feeling Stream, Emoting Stream, Sensitivity Stream, Transforming the Intimacy Process, Tribal Sexuality Marriage, Individual Sexuality Romance, Abstract Sexuality Excitement, 6-Gate-PH-Opened-Closed-Barrier or not, open to penetration or not, builds a barrier or creates life, 6-Roles Genetically, 6-Waves of Intimacy, Sexual Mixes, Sexual-Intimacy Format, 8 Sexual Channels, 16 Sexual Gates, Sexual Resources-Sexual Stream Of Marriage, Sexual Neediness-Wanting, Sexual Obedience, Sexual Possessiveness,  Sexual Arrangement Versus Sexual Excitement, Sexual Bargains, The Sexual Contract, Sexual Principles, Sexual Animus, Sexual Ego Mechanic, Sexual Affection-Cuddling, Sacrifice Rejection, Blinded By Emotional Wave, Wave Conditioning, Tactile Nature Of Tribal Sexuality, Solar Plexus Stream Of Sex: Emotional-Collective Sex, Ego-Tribal Sex, Kundalini-Individual Sex, The 3 different kinds of Sexuality and the 3 Centers of the 3 Sexualities, the 24 Sexual Polarities, Sexual Materialism, Sexual Wave Frequency-Sexual Motor Function, Sexual Nervousness, Themes Of Individual Sexuality, The Stream of Sexual Romanticism-caution/abandon, Sexual Attentiveness-Infatuation, Sexual Food Connection, Mutating Ancient Sexual Patterns, Awakening Sexual Awareness,  How the spirit appears Sexually through Romance, Sexual Adrenalin-Sexual-Root-Kundalini, Sexual-Breath-Love-Prana, volatility, magic, Unrequited-Unconsumated, Love, Strangeness, The Nature Of Adultery, Sexual Moodiness-Fickle, Needing Sexual Attention-Teasing, Sex-Food-stimulation-eating, Sexual Arousal, Stimulation, Build Up, Vibration, Sexual Acoustic-to maintain attention, communicative demands individual sexuality, emotional awareness-music-breathing-mantras-words-of-love, Romance-Sexual Preference-removing the patina for the right sexuality, emotional awareness found through recognizing the true nature of our individual sexuality, sexual connections to eating disorders...bulimia, anorexia, nervosa, celibacy, profligacy, 12-22 (Nervousness Of Tomorrow)...most attentive and hears the least, sexuality and existentialism through knowing, Sexual Manifestation versus Sexual Generation, Sexual Voices,  ... AND MORE! 

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