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Sunday, May 5, 2013

BodyTalkLive® With TiB! Brian Holiday-El And Your Sexual Door Orientation. 

Let's Go!

BodyTalkLive® With TiB! Brian Holiday-El & Your Sexual Door Orientation. 

This coming Wednesday, May 22nd 2013 @ 10pm est., the public is invited to Episode 4 of the sapiosexual Internet Talk Radio Show, BodyTalkLive®, Hosted By TiB! Brian Holiday-El aka BHoli!  "The Sexual Role Crisis & The 6 Frequencies Of Caring Part 1" 

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Thanks again for tuning in to BodyTalkLive® With TiB! Brian Holiday-El & Your Sexual Door Orientation.  Onward from this point, if you have your Body Graph (Rave Chart) you too can begin to make complete sense of and personally benefit from being empowered by this Knowledge. Use the following link to obtain a free chart.  Save it as a JPEG or email it to yourself.  Put it on your phone or post it in my email or fb inbox, post it here on the events page if you're open to that, but ENTER IN YOUR INFORMATION CORRECTLY AND IF THERE IS A DISCREPANCY IN THE ACCURACY OF YOUR TIME INFORM ME BEFORE I SPEAK ON YOUR DESIGN.  YOU are responsible for entering in YOUR birth data correctly.  The precision of the knowledge I'll be conveying from here on out is wholly dependent upon the accuracy of your birth information you'll enter using the Jovian site here

Now that you have your Body Graph, I can point you to your Sexual Door, but, before I do, integrity demands that a disclaimer be a foreword to the transmission that follows. 

Disclaimer: Your Body Graph is the visual science of YOUR UNIQUE DESIGN,  a mechanical revelation of every aspect of what makes you unique; how you are uniquely designed to, eat, dwell, see, learn, express, i.e., YOUR unique Determination (Design Internal {Unique Dietary Regimen Ingestion-Digestion}), YOUR Unique Environment (Design External), YOUR unique View or Perspective (Personality External), as well as YOUR Unique Motivation and Sense (Personality Internal).  Your Body Graph also illustrates what is your unique cognition (How you are design to learn and make sense out of the world and fulfill your unique potential).  Your Body Graph is a graphic illustration of your genetic imprints, prenatal and natal potentials, your auratype, your profile, your nature, your ancestral and personality or stellar inheritances and traits, the themes of the first and second half of your life, the design of your intelligence, your consistencies and inconsistencies, your true voice(s), your conscious and unconscious mind, the design of your brain, body, and mind, the nature of your destiny, fate, or karma, your collective, intimate, caring, creative, familial, and genetic survival roles, your affinity with other forms, from inanimate minerals to plants, insects, birds, and mammals, stars, and on and on; but, most importantly, it details what is your correct strategy and authority for making absolutely correct decisions as your self and for yourself, 100% of the time.  

With all that being said, Your Body Graph also maps out, precisely, the mechanics of your unique sexuality, and the Sexual Door through which it is correct for your aura and body to enter or be entered into by the Other. 

Your Body Graph has 2 sets of data, one headed Personality, located on the right, written in black, coordinated with the moment you were born, while the other, headed Design, is located on the left, is written in red, coordinating the location of the Sun 88 Degrees or 3 Moons or 3 Months prior to your birth, which is the moment your Soul entered into your Body; mechanically described as the Crystallization of your Personality and Design Crystals.  The Black is what you think of as yourself and the red is what's in the blood, what others see you as and the you that you but react to seeing and experiencing; so, the Black is the degrees of awareness of the consciousness you have potential conscious access to in this life and the red is the degrees of awareness of the consciousness you have potential unconscious access to in this life. 

On either side, named hereby in order, from top to bottom are symbols, the Sun, the Earth, the Moon, the North Node of the Moon, the South Node of the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto! 

Beside each symbol is a number followed by a decimal then followed by another number.  The number before the decimal will be a number anywhere from 1 to 64, but never higher or lower. The number following the decimal will be anywhere from 1 to 6, but never higher or lower.  

The numbers 1 through 64 coincide with the 64 Hexagrams of the I Ching and the 64 Genetic Codons of the Human Genome Code, and you will hear me refer to them by their number as either Gates, Hexagrams, or Codons.  

Hexa means 6, so, each hexagram, or Gate, or Codon, has 6 lines apiece; 384 in total.  

*Note: Out of 384 Lines throughout the Body Graph, 375 of them are a planetary accented Binary or has (Dual Description), that potentially fixes one's lines to one side or the other.  Design is truly the science of differentiation. The Symbols that precede the numbers tell you which planetary body or nodal position is *Activating that particular Gate and the number following the decimal tells you which *Line that planetary body or nodal position is occupying within that Gate.  Each line is an orb of expression for frequency bearing a holistically threaded theme, and the Planetary Body or Nodal position *Colors that line within that Gate and *Imprints your unique form with its fractal of the crystalline matrix of consciousness streaming, from behind the Sun and the Stellar Fields, via the 'Neutrino Stream to the Neuron's Firing', through that particular planetary body or position, surreptitiously imprinting and conditioning you in the part of your being wherein that Activated Gate is located. 

Furthermore, looking at your Body Graph, do you see where the 64 Gates are distributed throughout what are 9 Centers, also called Chakras or Centrexes, in the body? The 9 Centers, home to organs, glands, secretions, excretions, etc., within the Body are connected by 36 Channels or Quantum which are formed by 2 Gates that are a part of the same Channel.  When 2 gates that are a part of the same channel are activated at the same time, the channel and centers that channel connects become *Defined and as such a consistent and living quantized force of life within whosoever bears it, and whosoever enters the aura of the person bearing that definition is imprinted and open to being conditioned by that quantum of force.  Channels that are not defined at birth become defined by what are called Transits as well as the presence of someone with that definition gaining access to your Aura.  The Aura extends, gyroscopically, three feet out from the sternum and in every direction, but people with the 15/5 (Rhythm), have slightly larger Aura's.

Well, well, well.  How do you feel after that little Body Graph crash course?  What some of you may have caught on to is that, the 9 Centers in your Body Graph is derived from the Hindu Chakra System which has 7 Centers, but, we have evolved and everyone born after the arrival of Uranus in our Solar System in 1781, were born with an evolved 9 Centered Body or Vehicle with a Uranian, not a Saturnian, Life Cycle.   What some of you may also have picked up on is that the 36 Channels are derived from the Tree Of Life or Kaballah.  Finally, the planetary bodies, Constellations, and nodal positions are derived from Occidental or Western and Orient Astrology, and the 64 Gates from the Tao or the I Ching. These sciences are now and forevermore Parts of the Whole that is the Synthesis and the Whole is always Greater than the Sum of it's Parts!  

In short, "Sciences synonymous with the parts comprising the Synthesis are I-Ching and the Xīngguān System of China, the Ifa of West-Africa, the Chakra and Nakshatra System of the Hindu-Brahmans, Western-Astrology of the Mayans/Aztecs and other Aboriginals of America, Arabian-Stellar-Astrology, Egyptian-Astrology, Metu-Neter-Dendera-Cosmogony, The Hawaiian-Huna-System, UFT-Physics-(meta, neutrino and quantum), bio-neuro-chemistry-plasticity, principles and truths of the Helios-Holy-Sun Biblious-Book-Bible, the Bavagad Gita, K.O.R.A.N (Knowledge, Order, Rhythm, Astronomy, Nature) Adept Chamber Lessons of Moorish-Science, 64 Genetic Codons of the Human Genome Code." 

So, now that I'm sure that you know there's far more to your unique design than your sexuality, here's how you find your Sexual Door. 

Look at your Personality Sun.  The number following the symbol of your Personality Sun is the Gate the Sun was in the moment you were born and indicates 70% of your Genetic Imprinting.  Find your Sun's Gate in your Body Graph, and for those of you with a Rave Body Graph Mandala, locate your Personality Sun in your Body as well as in the Mandala, the Wheel surrounding it.  That is the exact location on the inside and the outside of your form where your Personality Sun has established 70% of what you're consciously preoccupied with. 

Staying with your Personality Sun data, the number following the decimal is the Line of the Gate that the Sun was in the moment you were born and the Line of the Gate your Personality Sun Activates IS your Sexual Door! 

If the Line occupied by your Personality Sun is a 1, your Sexual Door is briefly described as, "The Role Of Pursuer/Pursued"

If the Line occupied by your Personality Sun is a 2, your Sexual Door is briefly described as, "The Role Of Shyness/Boldness"

If the Line occupied by your Personality Sun is a 3, your Sexual Door is briefly described as, "The Role Of Bonds Made/or Broken" 

If the Line occupied by your Personality Sun is a 4 your Sexual Door is briefly described as, "The Role Of Confidant/ or Not"

If the Line occupied by your Personality Sun is a 5, your Sexual Door is briefly described as, "The Role Of Seducer/Seduced"

If the Line occupied by your Personality Sun is a 6, your Sexual Door is briefly described as, "The Role Of Soul Mate/ or Not" 

Find out much more by accepting the invitation and tuning in to BodyTalkLive®, reading through the links below to further educate yourself, consider an Anaysis, Course, or Consultation from me, or, use my contact information to get in touch with me so I can put you more in touch with yourself. 

Brian Holiday-El, Host of the sapiosexual BodyTalkLive® is a, Writer, Artist, Activist, Children's Design Advocate, former Public School Educator, Rave Design Trainer, Independent Rave Psychology Practitioner and HD Analyst, and is currently accepting formal invitations for, Tours, Clinics, Tutorials, Seminars, Apprenticeships, Rave Body Graph Analysis (Readings), Color Transference Analysis, Cross Of Life Analysis, Composite (Partnership) Analysis, Sexual Design Analysis, Professional Analysis, and more.

To begin investigating what this Transformational 4 year Plutonic transit that began January 5th 2013 has in store for you or the 4 Month Nodal Shift into The Foundation Gates in The Houses Of The Example and The Director that begins 3/9/2013 lasting until 7/24/2013 or to simply begin the discovery process of, learning, experimenting with, and living your Unique Design text Brian online @ 908.829.7137 ~ or send an email to TiB! using, 

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