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Monday, October 1, 2012

"The Man In The Mirror, By Design" Part 1 By Brian 'Doc' Holiday-El (BHoli) 

Let's Go!

"The Man In The Mirror, By Design" Part 1 By Brian 'Doc' Holiday-El (BHoli)

Individuals tagged in this post consists of, friends, family, clients, students, and people who've expressed interest in, or are perhaps aware enough and near-ready to begin learning, experimenting with, and living their unique designs, so, I'm going to tell you Part 1 of a brief but very true story about who and what Michael Jackson is/was by design, and, for those that have been, experimenting with strategy and authority, staying abreast and up on the daily neutrino program, forecasting, monitoring their transits, I'm going to leave a few footnotes and questions that may lead you to a greater comprehension of the mechanics governing the reasoning behind some of my observations shared here, as well as provide you all with some guidance and insight into the mechanics underlying the nature of your own unique form. My hope is that eventually the children will know, and be born, honored, taught to know and shamelessly use their Strategy and Authority in making 100% correct decisions as themselves and for themselves, 100% of the time. The direction of this world, the turning Wheel and relentless schedule of our own continuing evolution, demands making correct decisions as self and for self, to not only survive, but thrive!

Hypothetically, what if this Body Graph didn't belong to the King Of Pop. What if...say this was your newborn Son, and you asked me to analyze his design and to project what I see, based upon the mechanics of his Aura-Type, Profile, Definition, etc. What would I say?

Remember, in real life, this IS/WAS Michael Jackson's design, but, I want you to imagine that Michael Jackson is your newborn child.

So, you're in Gary Indiana, 1958. It's Friday night, you're watching the black and white Philco Predicta model television set, perhaps in the lobby of Mary's Mercy. This is the year Aritha Franklin had her first child, La Bamba was released, the 30th Academy Awards was first aired live, Nelson Mandella married Winnie, Things Fall Apart was first published; to better compete with the Soviet Union's Sputnik, the US Government established NASA. The movie, The Fly, debuted the same day your baby boy Michael was born. Unbeknown to the world, another future global music luminary was also born earlier that August, a female singer, Madonna! The world is rapidly changing, you look to the stars and say, "Ohh my Heavens! What type of life awaits my son?"

You regularly check your horoscope, finding some things true and others only vaguely so. You want to be more clear and the search for clarity reminded you of this handsome, intelligent, spiritual, brother you made the acquaintance of at Gary Public Library, where he volunteers as a literacy and math tutor for underprivileged children, while instructing them in the science of perfected decision making, using, what he once referred to as 6 Degrees Of Separation, but what he now calls, the Synthesis, and is based upon each child's precise birth date, time, and place. The children love him and he, empowers, positively impacts, and constructively transforms the people who grace his presence.

You see me and say, "B, here is my Son Michael's Body Graph. If you are in the Spirit to, guide me in what you see."


"The GHP (Global Human Population) is made up of 5 basic Aura-Types. Your Son, Michael, by design, is what is, mechanically speaking, called a Reflector (his song Man In The Mirror anyone?). He is a Reflector and Reflectors are Planetary Guardians. Statistically, they represent only 2.66% of the GHP, so, suffice is to say, Michael's Aura-Type, the way he is designed to process life and life's processes, the way the mechanics of his energy operates within his aura, though as an Aura-Type still comprising tens of millions of people, is still very much rare, a mutation if you will, compared to the 7 or so billion people that comprises the GHP.

Look at how open Michael's aura is. By design, every Aura-Type is always more open than not, but, Reflectors are the most open. We all have a little Michael in us. It is through this openness, through our openness that we are vulnerable to being conditioned away from our unique nature; our true selves.

Through the openness in his 7 open centers, his Not-Self mind is going to take in the world around him in a very very deep way and amplify it by 200%! Pay attention to what I just said because it's crucial to always bare in mind, the 200% amplifying nature of an open Center upon being activated by definition in someone else's Aura or by Transit. Through our openness we take in the other and amplify what is their definition by 200%! The openness, all of that white in his chart is not who Michael is. It is Michael's Not-Self. Look at your son's design. Michael has 7 centers undefined (white) and 2 centers defined (colored in), so, there are 7 areas where Michael is exceptionally vulnerable to conditioning (undefined-white, Centers-Gates-Channels-Lines etc), and 2 areas Michael has the unique potential to consciously experience as reliable, trustworthy, and consistent despite external conditioning.

*The color in your Body Graph IS who you are, the red and black being your prenatal and natal genetic imprinting, or unconscious and conscious minds, respectively; and, is the life force, is what's reliable, consistent, hence, Defined; and, the White is the opposite, is where we are inconsistent, unreliable, vulnerable, going to school at in this life, functioning as receptors that amplify the other by 200%, and so is undefined, and as such, become home to where the Not-Self mind exaggerates and distorts every aspect of how one experiences life. It is in the experiencing of the open centers that we potentially become, once one is aware of the nature of the conditioning taking place relative to the hierarchy of one's openness and living out the definition (color) of one's design, only when one is reactively-responsively-responsibly, and respondably, awake, alert to, and aware of the Not-Self mental conditioning anchored in our openness, might these open centers then become sources of great wisdom and eventually correctly emerge as parts of one's own Outer Authority.

The open Center in your Son Michael's design that causes me so much alarm is his Open G Center, also known as the Self Center, and is the diamond shaped center, just beneath the Throat Center. Biologically, the G Center is associated with the Liver and the Blood and experienced in life in terms of Identity (Love & Direction). It is also the location of the Magnetic Monople which holds all of us together in the illusion of our separateness. Listen to me when I tell you, Michael has a very, very, unique way he's supposed to eat, learn, rest, make decisions, live in a specific environment, and so on. You do as well, but, Michael's unique design is who this communication is about and Michael's is unique and must be honored, and, if it's not, he is going to suffer deeply the Not-Self mental amplification and distortion of the Open G Center, primarily, along with all of the other Not-Self strategies of his remaining 6 open centers! All of the things I mentioned above about the open G is where he is going to suffer if his uniqueness is not honored. He will suffer deep, deep Not-Self *Identity issues, deep Not-Self issues with *Love, deep Not-Self issues with *Direction, deeply distorting Not-Self issues with his *Blood and *Liver, amplified at 200%, to the point of distortion, to the point that he can transform completely into someone who less and less resembles his unique, true, and original self.

If his uniqueness is not honored, it is by the Not-Self themes of the Undefined G Center or Open Self Center that he could very easily, very early on, become deathly attached to a plaguing complex about not liking how he looks, not liking who he thinks he is or who he thinks he should be, who others perceive him as and on and on...and not liking where he is, and, if it's not surrendered to as Not-Self, he will go through very radical and sudden changes in all of the Open G associated phenomena. Sudden changes in his direction in life, his love interests, his identity, his blood and liver operations, amplified at 200%! He will do this because his uniqueness has not been honored, he has been conditioned away from his true self since childhood, stripped of and conditioned away from what truly defines and represents him; and, in that, Michael, through his openness, represented graphically as the white in his design, can become grossly attached to his Not-Self. Through the distortion of his open G, he can very easily suffer a life of always mentally basing all of his decisions off of an assumption that something is wrong with the wrong him. Through the neglect of his own uniqueness, he'll become mentally fixed on radically 'fixing' his "Self", his appearance, how people perceive him, his behavior, all in a effort to find out who he is so that he could find and experience true self love, but attempting to do so through the openness of his G rather than through the Definition in his Solar Plexus and Heart Center; in that order.

All of this can be offset by something very very simple and practical and it's called Strategy and Authority. Michael's Strategy and Authority is unique to him, and is based upon his precise, time of birth, date of birth, and place of birth. That's the materials of his formula for no fault living. Aside from honoring his Uniqueness as a Whole, which I'll tell you more of next time we meet, but...aside from that, as parent to this Emotionally Defined Reflector Open G baby, you can do two simple things, actually a few, but, as a parent, most importantly, is, for starters, honor his unique dietary regimen. Unique Dietary Regimen is not about wether or not to become a vegetarian or meat eater. Those are homogenized generalizations. We are unique, one-of-a-kind individuals, so we have a unique dietary regimen. Michael has a unique dietary regimen. How he's designed to eat, what he's designed to eat, when he's designed to eat, and where he's designed to eat is unique, and, if correctly done, will nourish the uniqueness of his brain, body, spirit, and mind. All of that and more is laid out plainly, logically, and practically in his Body Graph. I'll explain his unique dietary regimen in a moment. Second is, never, ever live in a place where Michael is not happy! Before you move to a place, always make sure Michael with his Open G loves it, if not, NOTHING WILL EVER WORK CORRECTLY for anyone living there and Michael can very easily shut out and shut off into his own world.

In other words, the moment he's able to express his like or dislike of how he's situated in his dwelling, his living environment, then you need to reconstitute his relationship to his living environment, or vice versa, to his liking. The moment that you ignore this is the moment that you ignore what is correct for his true nature and is an open invitation to unnecessary resistance, psychological dysfunction, and physiological deterioration of those open centers, beginning with his Open Center of the Self. He already, as a Reflector, has a nature and an Aura that is literally out of this world, so his habitat, where he lives and how he's situated in his living environment to his liking is a fundamental principle in the soundness of his overall health and well being; ignore that and invite his and the family's own undoing.

We're nearly out of time. I have to get prepared for my next group of children. We will talk again about this Reflector you have on your hands, but, I will share this about Michael before I go...

Michael entered into the world with the Sun, 70% of what defines Michael is indicated by the location of the Sun in the 'sky' and in his 'body at the moment he was born,' ... the Sun having just entered his Heart Center (Center of Ego-Will Power-Stomach), in what is called The Gate Of Aloneness (his song You Are Not Alone anyone?). Also, the Earth was in the Solar Plexus Center (Center of Emotion-Spirit), in what is called The Gate of Friendship. These two Gates form what is called the Channel of Community: a design of being a part seeking a whole. There's something very significant about this channel, what the future of it means for the collective destiny of humanity, and we'll, hopefully, talk about this later. But, Michael, in his design, has the potential to Deliver you, the family, his friends, and the entire world, like so many parts, to a Spirit of wholeness, to the identification of all of humanity, all of creation, all of nature, being one great COMMUNITY!  Michael is and will always be A Part Seeking A Whole. Though he will cherish family and friends more than he cares for his own body, and though he will care for the security of the needy, those who have no family, Michael will still feel as though he was not adequately cared for as a child and even in a crowded room amongst family and friends, he will still feel alone.

Let's talk more about who and what Michael has the Potential to be in this world. I see some very amazing yet very saddening possibilities for him. It all depends on what you do with the knowledge of his unique design. Nice seeing you again, and, whenever you're ready, just give me the formal invitation, hopefully I'm in the mood, and we can discuss his uniqueness in detail. In his Body Graph, as you can see, there's something interestingly childlike about what he has the potential to do with his voice, a potential for communicating quicker than the eye with the movement of his body, and something extraordinary with his feet, but, it's his Open G that cries out to me from within his design, perhaps because mine too is Open."

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