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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sphinx Reading

Sphinx Reading

Which way exactly is the correct Direction for YOU?  Don't be embarrassed if you simply do not know which direction your life should or should not be headed in, since 5 out of 10 people are either looking for, Direction, Identity, or Love in life because all three of these are tied together like morning, noon, and night.  

You will hear me or anyone with any real sense say that you are you unique and that you truly do have a unique purpose to fulfill in this life, but you are certainly not going to see whatever it is that you need to see without being where you are supposed to be, where it is correct for you to be, are you?  Think about it...if there is a gift waiting for you, which is the fulfillment of your purpose found in the process of either knowing or being who you are, how can you, see it, find it, receive it, and open it, without being in the correct place? 

Destiny, Fortune, Fate, whatever name you wish to use, it has a Geometry to it, a very specific design to it, and it all begins with, the exact time of your birth, place of your birth, and date of your birth...that is literally, the when, where, and who of what lays out YOUR True Path in this life, your correct trajectory.  In a Sphinx Reading, I will reveal with Crystal Clear Clarity, where is not correct for you to be, where IS correct for you to be, what you will see when you are headed in the correct direction and what you will see when you are not headed in the correct direction, I guarantee that in your Sphinx Reading from the Doc! 

Cost: 3O USD

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