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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Motivational Reading

Motivational Reading

Absolute Truth: What motivates this person or that, does not necessarily motivate you, does it? You may have heard me or someone else with a little sense say, you are a unique individual!  There is only one you! There has never been, there is not, nor will there ever be another human being exactly like you; with the unique potential that you have the possibility of expressing.  Without awareness of what is and is not the correct form of motivation for you, based upon YOUR *Unique Design, you will never, EVER, experience and enjoy the life that somewhere in the back of your mind you know is yours and accessible enough to grab hold of and live out to it's perfected fullness. 

In other words, not only are you unique, your motivations are unique as well, and, using your exact date, place, and time of birth, I will reveal with Crystal Clear Clarity what are your correct motivations in every area of your life, and, I guarantee, that if you apply your new found awareness of what is your correct motivation, you will immediately see and feel the transformative benefits of your new experiment in self-empowerment, gained during your Motivational Reading from the Doc! 

Cost: 3O USD

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