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Saturday, September 22, 2012

Decision Reading

Decision Reading

Do I? Should I? Might I? Will I? Shall I? Can I?  Literally, in every way and under any circumstances imaginable, there is NOTHING more important than making correct decisions for yourself and as yourself! Behind each and every single decision, from the most mundane in every day life, to the most complex, always, always, always, beneath every decision that's made affecting your life are 2 interconnected components inseparable from the decision-making process; a Strategy and an Authority!  During a Decision Reading, based upon your precise, time, date, and place  your birth, as expressed in your Unique Design, I reveal with Crystal Clear Clarity a PERFECT, and I mean No Fault Proof formula for you to make correct decisions for yourself and as yourself and be perfectly correct in them 100% of the time out of 100% of the time!  

Cost: 30 USD 

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