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Friday, June 1, 2012

Testimonials of Readings from me...


A. Del La Costa

"Brian helped me see the impact the planets were having on my life. Once i became aware of how Rave I- Ching worked with the planets, i was able to understand why things happen the way they did and i was able to put myself as an observer and see it for what it really was. I found answers to many question i had, about myself and how certain things would happen to me. I was able to see the patterns in my life that i was drawn to repeating.  With his help i was able to use the knowledge and  keep myself from sabatoging my growth.  As i grow stronger in my search for self, this has been life changing thing for me,  and I appreciate everything that Brian has done to help me understand and get through this process and keep aware of what is happening.

It has impacted it greatly, the science came to me at the turning point in my life and relationship. Brian helped me break things down even farther by his experience showing me my expressions, how i felt and lived were all there ready for me to learn about me and learn to love me for what my mechanics.

I can lookup the planets everyday and their position, and then figure out what houses they fall under, then lookup gate that it falls into through the astrological position.  Then depending on the line it wil tell me what will be playing out during the time the planet is in that position. I am using it everyday, while learning how everything else falls into place, there is so much too learn but with the little bit of information i did learn, it has made an impact and wanting to learn more on how it works. I feel alive knowing the truth."

 S. Snowden

"During my session I learned things about myself that I already knew but doubted. For example: according to my BodyGraph, my spleen is an open center meaning that I don't know when "enough is enough" (which is true) and that I need to learn when to get enough of or let go of certain things. I've learned that this is a part of my make up and while I thought in certain situations I may not have had enough patience, I actually had too much. I also learned that while I should inform others before I impact them, I need to make certain moves when I'm ready and not to make big decisions or any decisions hastily.

I can't really say how it has impacted my life as it is still early BUT I can say this seems to he a tool that I can use to improve my quality of life but the life of my 2 children as well. If I can provide them with a tool that gives them a better understanding of themselves as well as the effect they have on potential relationships, then as a parent that is the greatest gift I can give them other than life itself. There are so many people who get lost trying to follow other individual it's sad. I would like for my children to find their individuality and embrace it including their flaws.

In addition to what I listed above regarding my children I'd have to say just being able to know where my "shortcomings" are and how to use that knowledge to find a partner who will compliment them as I will theirs."

C. Spencer

"Brian has helped me  to see why I do the things that I do or why certain people gravitate to me.  Even as far as why I get treated the way that I do or how people perceive me and how I should react to it. I've learned about what my strategy  and authority is and how to implement it.

There is no "if at all" about it, this Knowledge has definitely changed my life monumentally.  I have learned that being emotional is not necessarily a negative thing. Waiting to respond is a beautiful thing, its like doors opening for me without me even knocking on them. Only initiating when my gut tells me to.  I've noticed ever since I've been introduced to this i've begun to study not only Human Design but other esoteric and metaphysical sciences and I've been able to better grasp the information even if I was introduced to it previously!

 ...besides what I stated above, this profound Knowledge has helped me to gain a better understanding of my children, which has been a tremendous help in raising them as a single parent!  I was almost in tears reading about manifestors and their relationship to generator parents. I understand my son now and we have began the healing process to gaining a closer relationship!!!   Again, the concept of patience and time being my friend  has been working when dealing with them. I also think  another reason why the information resonated so well and so quickly was due to my wonderful analyst who has an innate skill of explaining this intricate information in a way that a beginner can readily comprehend and therefore implement it in their lives."

Thank You Guiding Light TiB!

D. Middleton

"Brian has helped me to have clarity at a time in my life when I was confused and overwhelmed with uncertainties. He encouraged me to not be concerned with unnecessary things in my life, and  to focus on the big picture. To step outside my box and look at the situation from above. I realized that I can't change anyone else only myself.

The knowledge that he gave is priceless and has changed my life for the better. If it wasn't for him I would not be where I am today.

I use everything I listened to and learned in our sessions every day. When something negative is going on around me, instead of allowing the negative to take hold of me, I first decide if this is something that concerns me, if not I walk away. If it concerns me I step outside of the situation to get a better look. I don't make rush decisions and I remain calm. Knowing the type of personality I have thru Brian has given me the ability to take control over my life. Understanding my graph has allowed me to make good decisions and keep pushing forward toward my goals."

E. B.

"Brian helped me to see that where I am in life is where I'm supposed to be! That I am a leader.I'm more focused on my life goals now and even more determined to accomplish what I set out to accomplish. Lastly that the science behind my rave chart tells a pretty accurate story about my life and how I view and handle things in the world. Pretty amazing stuff!

After speaking with him I feel that my life is more aligned and I now know for sure that I can trust my gut instinct. I also know how to decipher between my mind speaking and my gut speaking!

 With what has been shared I have become extremely focused and aware of my environment. I am now cutting people out of my life who I can see more clearly are only out for selfish gain and are not there to encourage me in my endeavors. I now write out my plans for the day so that my frequent "running around" is more productive. AND I know how to quiet the "voices in my head" that try to interfere with my gut's decisions."

Anonymous,  "...thanks again Brian for everything. I didn't expect to get what I got from you. What you do is definitely a help for the masses. Before now I don't think I've seen as clearly as I do now. It was as if you gave me some better glasses than the ones I was wearing and said " here you should be able to see better now

And for sure without question I do. You opened my eyes to see that the path was already laid out for me! Thank you thank you thank you! I would kiss you if I could! I would give you a million dollars if I could!! I mean that! You have know idea what you've done!!!!  Blessings to you my brother!"

C. George

"1. My authority and recognizing the wave of hope and despair.
2. Thinking has a better understanding of life's circuitry. This lends itself to new ways to perceive experience.
3. Designs tenants take one back to a Zen like way of being. Just let it flow."

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! Thank you for introducing me in the manner that you did. I really appreciate the custom and personal delivery. I know that my design is MY design but your delivery helped me to glean so much more understanding. I have about 10 pages of notes for both parts. Secondly, thank you for providing me with me with so many aha moments and clarity. As I am just entering the second phase of my life, it has indeed felt like I'm recovering and licking the wounds of my adolescence and young adulthood. It is comforting and reassuring to know that those actions and consequences had a purpose.  I, like so many others, have casually said "It's all in Divine order" but sometimes that statement has lacked the full faith and confidence needed to be absolutely true." M. N. 

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