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Friday, June 1, 2012

Calling All Stars by TiB! 6 Day Transit (Solar Forecast) 5/1/2012 - 5/6/2012

Calling All Stars by TiB! 


Design Based Dark Humor Astrological Quotes from TiB! 

Aries ..."You'll always have to answer to someone."

Taurus..."You gotta give a little to get a little." 

Gemini..."Sometimes you have it and sometimes you don't." 

Cancer..."It's not the end of the world."

Leo..."Wait your turn."

Virgo..."What's most important for YOU right now?

Libra..."Get in the far right lane if you're going to keep riding with your foot on the brake." 

Scorpio..."Believe me, it really is deep enough to drown in." 

Sagittarius..."Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

Capricorn..."Get it Right."

Aquarius..."It's wide open."

Pisces..."It depends on how you look at it." 

TiB! on the energetic *Design of the, Sun, Moon, Earth, Planets, Stars, Nature, Man, and Creation as of June 1, 2012, including commentary on Zodiac Signs. 

By the time you read this message we'll have entered into a new 6 day transit and here's what to look out for: 


If, for this passed week it seemed like people were all talk, extra busy going nowhere fast, well, from Friday till the middle of next week, it's highly unlikely that the lip service will continue without, lights, cameras, ACTION! The Gemini isn't the only one feeling it, though they tend to catch the brunt of it with the Sun in the House of the Twins. I've seen you Gemini's and to a measurable degree, you too Sagittarius, Pisces, and Virgo, caught up in a love triangle; either entertaining two intimate interests at the same time, or harboring conflicting sentiments regarding material support and egotistical possessiveness. Careful there, more than immediate pleasures can end up being sacrificed when it comes to disloyalty! I'm just long can you hold certain things back before you either snap or pop off? 

However, for every tribe in the Zodiac...I mean all of those in relationships with significant others, if the bond is really that strong and there is a mutual commitment to the reciprocal well being of one another, I strongly recommend patiently communicating through sharing and warmly touching a little more when the air thickens and the vibe gets tense, rather than arguing about who is supporting who more than the other. Regardless of how Right you swear you are only one person can talk at a time, and what's being spoken of needs to be more than just who has what or who's trying to control who: That's counterproductive at best and completely out of Harmony with what this weekend and the first half of next week is really all about; the Rhythm & Flow of Progressive Change! 

For all of us now the pace of things intensifies, running the gamut of extremes from frenetic to painstakingly slow. All of us now do more than just Contemplate Change and Progress. We look now to apply our Understanding, to Actualize our potential Individual Power for Metamorphosis! 

That's a mouth full: let me break it down. 

We all feel, to one degree or another, the deepening emotional need to change, but we'd be wise not to change for change's change just to change isn't based on anything sustainable and will fade with the fads, dragging your self-esteem right along with it, causing your hopes to fall like London Bridges. It has to be inspired from within and what we commit ourselves to, the experiences that we resolve ourselves to... we must enter in to those experiences correctly. That means entering into them as ourselves, for how we enter into the experience has everything to do with the quality of experience we're going to have; be it painful or pleasant, empowering or destabilizing. 

Keep in mind, progress is a process and the change that progress produces is not at all something that most people are comfortable with, let alone open to or ready for when it comes and Ohh is it coming! Remember, energy is one coin, but it has two sides so to speak, thus Change can be experienced as something "good" or something "bad." One person's loss is another person's gain, so change is also a harbinger of Crisis; therefore, be prepared to rise to the occasion by Surrendering to the timeless wisdom, "and this too shall pass."  Whatever type of crisis the coming changes will produce, be they large or small, recall that there is always, always, always, some sort of opportunity in crisis and just like all opportunities, a crisis does not last: it too changes with the changes! Remembering that will give you the needed relief during the ups and downs. 

Likewise... and you Capricorn and Libra might be able to attest to this the most right about now, THE ONLY THING CONSTANT IS CHANGE, and those that know how, when, and even why to adapt to change are the ones who Endure. Transform your fear of failure into ambition fueled success by changing with the changes but not for the changes. The coming changes directly impacts that rhythm of our lives, challenging you to find or maintain your get into or stay in the Flow and one thing is for certain, you benefit greatly by tuning in and waiting for it. This is not a passive kind of's a hungry, hunting, vigilant, and Active waiting! There are moments like the one's steadily approaching where everything and everyone either seems to rapidly come together or suddenly fall completely apart. We'll just have to Wait and See. 

Furthermore, all of us, the Taurus especially, we're inspired by the direction and moves being made by others around us to make an individual contribution; even if it means simply leading by example. Scorpios are feeling that, as are all of us...that is we have to not only love ourselves...we need to also love the direction that our lives are moving in as a result of our decision making process. Everything we do is an expression of who we are, including the life we lead, and with that direction, you either leave the people you encounter inspired or uninspired because where you're going in life is a gift to the people you meet as they cross your path.  

Aquarius, Virgo, and Aries, and again...all of us to a certain extent are not more than ever, coming up with, original, unconventional, creative, and unique ways to bring organization to our lives helps us to also realize clarity amidst the confusion. An aggressive and demanding type of mental pressure is there to make sense out of our past experiences. The inability to come to the necessary realizations to move onward to new beginnings can bring about an oppressive kind of confusion. I suggest you do what you may hate to do, Be Patient! You may be in a process that's not yet finished, so there may not be a complete picture to look back upon and make sense out of as of yet with all the scenes racing through your head. Trying to draw conclusions about a process that has not yet run it's course is an open invitation to confusion. Be involved and immersed in the experience, be present in the present and seemingly out of nowhere, AHA! The Clarity emerges like sunshine parting the clouds of Confusion resulting in relief and the release and conversion of pressure into what we commonly refer to as INSPIRATION! 

Lastly, but not least of all, Cancer and Leo, and again, this really relates to all of us, there's broad openness for change. Will you receptively embrace it or will you stubbornly struggle with it? The bottom-line is, you're going to have to interact, communicate, exchange, relate, commune, and so on, in order for any real progress to take place.

Even more so, in that interaction there's a Flow that is all based upon Rhythm and a Rhythm that has everything to do with Timing! Timing is the servant of Waiting and the Value of Waiting is based upon Positioning! Positioning is crucial because Change transpires in a Wave! Where you are in relation to the Wave of Change, how you're positioned in relationship to, the Change, who's changing, what's changing, who or what is bringing a out the change...your relationship to Change will determine if it is experienced as a Crisis or not. You'll only be in your correct position by being in your correct place and only you know where that is or don't. Like it or not, change is coming. You can be one of those people who totally miss it and the next thing you know you're carrying on as if nothing has changed, completely out of the flow, just waiting for something to knock some sense into you and show you where and how far off you are, OR, you can be the one waiting and wading in the water, feeling the tides shifting and the winds blowing, aware of the direction they're rising and blowing towards, so aware that you not only feel the change, you harness it by channelling it into your own process of self empowerment! If that is you then you are not simply living, you are alive and you are not just moving around or being moved, you are Navigating! 

I'd be remiss if I didn't make at least one comment about the sexual design of energy during this 6 day transit. It is the middle of the day so, to keep it PG 13: Lights off, Lights down low, or the lights on are, shall we say, the preferences for intimately entering and exiting, but believe you me, once those emotions get rolling, how did Janet Jackson say it, "Anytime, Anyplace, I don't care who's around." 

Let's go! 


Enjoy and Share! 


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