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Friday, November 30, 2012

"What Time Is It?" By Brian J. Holiday-El

What time is it? By Brian J. Holiday-El aka TiB! aka BHoli 

"As the Game of life progresses, eventually all hands are turned up!  Just as leaves fall in autumn, and flowers bloom in spring, true colors eventually show; BUT, this is a process only the consistent can witness!  We are who we are!  You are who you are!  Only in being YOURself can you ever make the joys of consistency, reliability, respond and responsibility your own!  Think of it, if you're not this or that, can you ever be consistent or find consistency in them?   An elephant can ride a tricycle but for how long? Your Soul, you true self is just like the Sun; timely, on time, every time, and tirelessly timeless!  You'll only uniquely perceive as much of it's light as you're in a position to, from exactly where you are, exactly as you are, for as long as you are who, what, and where you are.  

Human beings experience the hours of the day and seasons of the years and cycles of the ages based upon their predisposition to the movements of the Sun.  So, we consciously or unconsciously plan our days according to the Sun and in that there's an unspoken and unquestioned universal trust in it's destiny, trajectory, and it's chronology.  You trust it's chronology because you are a witness to its mechanical dependability.  You know, that come, rain, hail, sleet, or snow, if you're alive, the Sun will be where it is scheduled to be, daily, monthly, and yearly for all eternity!  Your Soul is no different!  Your personality is no different!  Your uniqueness is not different! 

At the same time, the awakeness and awareness required to develop the sight necessary to see the light that is in you and is you, for many a soul, has been completely lost, so, just like the sentence serving prisoner in the darkness and isolation of solitary confinement for an extended period loses all track of time, when vanquished of it's capacity to watch by its attachment to the illusion of control, the mind forgets its place and the consciousness forgets itself.  Is this not a restless sleep and a sleepless dream? 

How does one awaken that knows not that he or she is asleep?  *Listen.  The sentence serving prisoner in darkness is actually much freer than the man sound asleep in a slumber he has no memory of slipping, off, away, and into the depths of, because the prisoner remembers the light of day but has lost track of its time, but the somnambulating soul knows not the light or the time of day! 

How does one awaken? *Listen 

I see, imprisoned dreamers, dreams imprisoned, prisoners to dreams, and  prisoners all dreaming of being free! 

How does one awaken? 

The sentence serving prisoner isolated in solitary confinement and the sleepless, restless, slumbering soul in a dreamless dream awakens the same way: By Answering to the sound of one's name being called!  And what's the 1st two-part question of one free and awake? DATE & TIME Please?" BHoli 


What times is it? 


Wake up! 

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