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Thursday, November 29, 2012

"Round One Fight" Brian Holiday-El By Design

Let's Go!

"Round 1 Fight! 

The energy of STRUGGLE slash turmoil is in the air! Can you feel it? Ohh the STUBBORNNESS! This is the energy of the FIGHTER and the GAME PLAYER!  Count the number of conflict-related sightings you see!  The name of the game is Empowerment!!!!  The struggle is to know, and for those with this definition, the struggle is the only way to know and the struggle is for life!  Can you feel the tension??? Can feel the opposition?  This is a difficult energy but it's healthy at the same time! 


Capricorns born December 2nd through the 8th, give or take a day depending on year, and Cancers born July 1st through the 7th, give or take a day depending on the year, carry this design of The Fighter: While Scorpios  born between October 25th through to November 1st, give or take a day depending on the year, and any Taurus born between April 22nd through to April 28th, give or take a day depending on the year, carry this design of The Game Player! Note: 

However, EVERYONE has this energy RIGHT NOW!  The Key Notes to this energy at this moment are TREACHERY & QUALIFICATION!  

I want you all to see how deep the conditioning and programming on this plane actually is.  This design of struggle can also be a design of turmoil!  This is where limitation meets aggression, where ignoring the intuition could cost you more than a limb!  

This energy of struggle falls on the shoulders of the Individual and listening and hearing what needs to be heard and struggling in the now to apply it, knowing which knowing is worth fighting to know based upon the knowledge of oneself!"

BHoli ~ 


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