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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"I Was There. Vote!" B!

Let's Go!

"Remember the Million Family March? I didn't go alone! I personally drafted, passed, and filed the required petition with the SGA, recruited then Lieutenant now Sergeant Ted Price as chaperon and took 44 Students from NSU to DC and we were there! VOTE!  Remember Hurricane Katrina? I personally recruited two others, we borrowed a an XL2 Camera and a friend's Benz in Atl,  headed to NOLA just 3 days later and was stopped by military police in Slidell. Interviewed the people then went to Houston. Participated in organizing the first post Katrina 2nd Line AT the Astro Dome in Houston, documented 21 hours of first hand accounts and stories from Neworleanians themselves: THEN, traveled with musicians like Bill Summers while doing relief work in Pasadena, LA, San Francisco, Oakland with activists/entrepreneur Marcell Diallo and NOLA Jazz musicians such as Davelle Crawford, Kermit Ruffins, and the Hot 8 Brass Band, raising money and inspiring hope along the way. I KNOW the truth! I was THERE! Vote! When Obama first took the presidency, I campaigned in the real battlegrounds like Chessapeake, Virginia Beach, and the greater Tide Water area of Virginia. I was THERE! Vote! When I heard about Trayvon Martin, I printed shirts, raised money and actually made donations. I was THERE! VOTE!" B!!!!! 

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