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Sunday, December 2, 2012

"If you love someone you honor them first by accepting their limitations." BHoli


"If you love someone you honor them first by accepting their limitations." BHoli 

Limitless means without a limit, doesn't it? What has no limit essentially has no end and what has no end is infinite, is it not? See the word I-N-F-I-N-I-T-E? Can you see, in finite? What is finite has a limit, no? So, that which is forever exists within that which has a limit and that which has a limit is form such as the Body.  I Am not the body, I Am the passenger in the body and therefore there are limitations.  The first limitation of the body is the space that it occupies and so the 1st thing I honor is that everyone, including me, deserves at least 3FT, why? The Aura extends from the sternum, 3ft, in every direction, so I accept their limitations and that's love. Without the Body there is no life! No experience! Nothing! No-thing.  The Body has a very delicate balance that allows it to exist.  Too much of anything can do or undo anything for that is the nature of form and the Body is the conscious expression of that principle of form.  Honor your form principle, temple, your vessel,  by accepting it's limitations and it will honor you by supporting your potential to be IN-FINITE. 

You have your limits of who and what you can take, will take, won't take from an Other, don't you? Everyone has limits and need honor them.  In fact, have my limits for everything accept one thing which is nothing because nothing is no thing 

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