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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

"No Struggle; No Progress" Beforehand®  with Brian 'TiB!' Holiday-El Host of the Sepiasexual Internet Talk Radio Show, BodyTalkLive®

Let's Go!

"No Struggle; No Progress" Beforehand®  with Brian 'TiB!' Holiday-El Host of the Sepiasexual Internet Talk Radio Show, BodyTalkLive®

Greetings everyone. 

Beforehand®  ... 

is Your Daily Designs, Signs, And Times With True Guide Brian 'TiB!' Holiday-El 

Obviously, have your BodyGraphs handy and first timers can get a free Rave Chart from Jovian here .  At a price deeply discounted to market, I have plenty of books, courses, and audio available.  For more information visit Your Reading From Me ... Rave Body Graph Analysis For Beginners  

NOTE: Attached to this transmission is a screenshot of what's called a Just Now of a Rave Body Graph Mandala which illustrates, among other particulars, an alignment of the Human Body with the Human Genome Code and the Solar System.  In this Just Now, the data in Red is as of 3 Months ago (88 Degrees To Sun) and the data in Black is as of--- EST Monday, June 17th 2013 (Today). 

"No Struggle No Progress" F.D. 

Looking at the Channel Of Struggle (28-38) I've circled in the attached photo I'm reminded of how, beginning in my early 20's, starting off as a Substitute at Maury High School and finishing as a full time 7th Grade Communications Skills and English Teacher at Ruffner Academy in Norfolk, Virginia, over and over I'd encourage my students to remember that each and every one of them has an unique purpose to fulfill in this life and no one else but them can fulfill that especial purpose.  At the same time, it's going to be a struggle to first care enough about oneself and about life to know it and be stubborn enough to be yourself in order to fulfill it.    

In later years, coming into this knowledge, I felt vindicated because when you look at your Rave Chart, which is based upon your birth date, place, and time, you are literally looking at an unconscious and conscious mapping of your unique potentials...a revelation of the precise mechanics behind what exactly makes you different from everyone and everything else and unique unto yourself.  I do love and enjoy empowering, educating, and guiding using the Synthesis, and I'm happy that there's finally enough of us in my online community better equipped to appreciate this knowledge.  That's rather exciting for me.  When I began posting the BodyGraph online over 2 years ago, as selective as I am, I sort of knew this moment would come and it kind of confirms what's going to happen next.  Okay, enough of my little confession.

Leeeeeeeet's gooooo! 

So, what's going on?  

Right about now

People wonder why those old Spurs seem to have found the fountain of youth or a time-machine with a fridge full of cocoon juice and are playing like some young boys, or why the Dow Jones Industrial Average is so inflated and slowly beginning the process of erasing it's recent gains, or why children or people in general are more ramped up and hard of hearing than usual, or why there's so much of one person politely ignoring the other, or why so many people feel as though they're fighting a losing battle or finally feeling like they're winning only to have it snatched away, or finally making visible progress but only following bout after bout of a painstaking process with seemingly more risks than rewards, or why lately people who are normally only concerned about themselves have been seeming to care more about others, or why alliances are as changeable as the weather these days, but it's very obvious to me why and how when I look at the designs in this Just Now. 

Moreover, don't take my word for it.  Just take a look at the movie around you.  On the one hand, people are struggling and in turmoil in their relationships with others, be it intimate, communal, social, and/or corporate, to the point that they simply cannot wait to end it but remain in it, holding on, fearing life, fearing death, and fearing having to survive on their own in this world without it.  If a loved one has passed away, even if she or he isn't a 'recently' deceased individual, it's very likely that it's a resurfaced struggle of letting them go or not.  

In other words, for many, there's a reinvigorated 'what's the point mentality' and it's as if the struggle can't end soon enough and now they're either considering or not the risks of letting go versus holding on or that decision has been or is being made for them.  Others may be in a struggle involving risking their very lives for a false sense of purpose they're holding onto and will continue feeling like they're losing everyone and everything they love until they've learned how to let go.  Health, habits, and their interaction in affecting one's relationship with one's own body, that particular struggle, is intensified in this design of energy as well.  What I've been enumerating and describing are only some of what I'm seeing in Struggle and I say that without any conscious thought of what's actually Activating the 28 and the 38, Saturn and Pluto, respectively.  People rushing to make a decision about who or what to let go of and who or what to hold on to...all the while few will listen and even fewer will wait.  All of it has everything to do with Purpose! 

What to do?

If I was...let's say a personal trainer or physical therapist, provided I've already done my research and due diligence on my clients' design, especially their health systems, and concluded that they're truly ready, I'd be encouraging my clients to be as active as is healthily possible in their physical regimens.

Walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, gardening, remodeling, cooking, Zumba, etc., are some examples of activities that now more than ever people who are capable of engaging in them aren't necessarily going to encounter problems coming up with or accessing the physical energy to perform them.  If you've been trying, to lose weight, build muscle, go the extra mile in one arena or another demanding more physical prowess than normal...yes, now is the time to do it. 

For instance, if you're rehabilitating a limb or recovering from an injury, again, provided you're, in your experiment, honoring your unique dietary regimen, and you're applying Strategy and Authority in your decision making process, now is the time to increase the physical activity level because the body has more than enough adrenal energy and needs to physically burn it off.  There are peak performance hours that shift daily and, depending on your knowing your true motivation or what is called Color in the language of Design, you can make  exceptional progress in setting or reaching milestones in the areas of health and physique.

Of course, there's always a flip-side to just about everything, not to mention this design isn't going to last much longer.   That's going to be no big deal for people who have Struggle as part of their Rave, but for the many who do not have the 28-38, when it's over, if they've been neglecting their bodies, eating or behaving impulsively, there will be consequences and repercussions, beginning on the 5th of August 2013

Scratching The Surface 

On the surface of this chart, what you're seeing here are the Root Center and the Splenic Center colored or shaded in and that means that those two centers are what is called *Defined. The Root Center is literally at the root of the BodyGraph and the Spleen is to the upper left of it.  The other 7 Centers or Chakras are Undefined and we see this illustrated in the BodyGraph by the remaining 7 Centers being White or Open.  The moment we see 2 Gates that form a Channel, both Activated, in this case Gate 38, The Gate Of The Fighter in the Root Center and Gate 28, The Gate Of The Game Player in the Spleen, the Channel itself is alive so to speak and we call that channel defined, or we say, in this case here, the Root is Defined to the Spleen through the Channel of Struggle or the Spleen is defined to the Root via A Design Of Stubbornness.  In a word, that is called Definition and wheresoever there is definition there is a quantum, a living energy, it is a life all it's own. 

With the Immune system now as charged up or adrenalized as it is being hooked into the Root Center like you see I've circled in the Just Now, it's easy for people to feel as if they're healthier than they really are, that their bodies feel indestructible, and that they're physically stronger than usual.

The Root Center or Root Chakra which is, 1 of 2 pressure Centers in the body, a Motor, biologically associated with the adrenal glands, and mystically associated with the Kundalini is pumping up the Body or the Spleen via the 28-38, The Channel Of Struggle, A Design Of Stubbornness.  Another keynote for this design of Stubbornness is a design of Turmoil.  Let's stop right there for a second.   

Practical Breakdown

At a very basic level, in order to offset counterproductive affects of the recent spike in stress across the planet, one of the things I've been encouraging clients and students with or without this Channel to do is to LISTEN to AND with their bodies as well as EXERCISE more during this transit with it's particularly difficult yet healthy design of Struggle.  The less of this adrenaline one works off the more difficult it becomes to channel the physical stress inherent in it.  This particular design of stubbornness began on Sunday, May 5th 2013 and as a quantum It'll be over by Monday, August 5th, 2013, meaning we're approximately 6 Weeks into this 90 day Design of Stubbornness.  How this is playing out in your life is dependent upon your unique design.  The nuances are incredibly diverse. 

FYI: To whom it may concern, ANY child or mammal born between May 5th and August 5th of 2013 is born with this Design Of Stubbornness and Struggle is their only way of knowing. 

More Practical Applications 

Suppose you're a manager, now is when you pull your team to make those bonuses or invite someone with the power and the willingness and the attributes necessary to empower the team to call upon one another's instincts to win.  If I'm a coach, my team would do those 3-a-days and more training.  This is the ideal energy with which to stretch, strengthen, and maximize the potential of your form, to get into peak condition, to exert physical force, but '*the purpose has to be heard and known through recognition in the Now, and the struggle has to be correct and invited.'

If I'm a contractor who understands this Knowledge and I bid for and best a contract for a job requiring a great deal of physical exertion and needs to or can be completed before August 5th, take it on because the energy to get it done is there in you and everyone affiliated in your operation.  However, there's 2 major dilemmas to recognize at this time due to this same design of stubbornness responsible for this substantial increase in adrenalized physicality and heightened body consciousness.  One major dilemma is cutting your losses too early or too late and the other is being in such a hurry to get through something that either the whole purpose of it is missed or it's a complete failure. 

If you're into marketing and your quality service or product deals in energy, accent the promotion of your energy managing services and products more than your energy building services and products.  If you're a parent or a professional charged with the care of the youth, extending the physical exercise periods or giving the youth more opportunities to physically move about will make your duties a lot less stressful. 

2 Sides To Every Coin 

On the other hand, there's almost always a flip-side because we live in a duality.  This design can be experienced as stubbornness on the one hand or compliance on the other.  The polarity of this Channel of Struggle can also feel like walking on easy street.  The 28-38 is a Projector construct so there's a bittersweet energy regarding this struggle for individual empowerment and the all-day-everyday turmoil it's stubbornly inviting.  Either way, as the song and the saying goes, it takes 2 baby.

The reversal is, people who are not in tune with their bodies or within themselves have all of this excess physical energy to fight, challenge, play, or get physical but simply do not know who or what to struggle with or for or against.  What you get is a whole lot of people with a whole lot of pent up stress due to excess energy with no knowing of what purpose to fight for, or you'll hear about and see people fighting for the knowing of a purpose that is not their own, or people holding on with a death grip to philosophies and theories of individual empowerment that are out of step with the now.   The Channel Of Struggle is just 1 of 36 Channels, in 1 of 6 Circuits, in 1 of 7 Circuitries, in 1 of 9 Streams, and Gates 28 and 38 are 2 of 64 Gates connecting 2 of 9 Centers in the BodyGraph, and on and on.  There is a great deal of information at every glance.  

We Need The Other

Likewise, there are many many other aspects that need be defined for the fulfillment of the purpose of the Struggle and that's where alliances come in.  Like I always say, different people will always bring out different potentials within you. 

All Dressed Up With Nowhere To Go 

For instance, people are physically pumped up with the energy to fight, to know, to challenge, to struggle, to take risks, and to win, but without the Insight of the 57, the Power of the 34, the Nature of the 10, and the I Am of the 20, for many, it can and does seem as if there is no way out of the Turmoil; sort of like a well armed soldier ready to do battle but clueless as to which war is hers or his.  People in your life with Activations in the aforementioned Gates become even more significant to the fulfillment of your purpose at this time. 


Think about what Adrenalin is and think about the adrenal glands in the Root pumping up the Splenic-Lymphatic and Immune System's Complex.  The Spleen, home of the Lymphatic and Immune Systems, is the washing machine of the body and it's also 1 of the 3 Awareness Centers in these 9-Centered Body's we have.  Moment to moment, millisecond by nanosecond, it's the Immune System that's responsible for our existential survival and it's being pressurized by the Root Center and it's powerful adrenal secretions.  The Spleen is the Body's Consciousness so it is Aware, yet the Root Center, so vital to the success of our existence that it's built by the 1st 3 1/2 weeks of pregnancy, is not an Awareness; it's a Motor.  Without 1 of the 4 Motors being directly or indirectly connected to the Throat Center, there is no manifestation, no true doing, and though the Splenic Center is an Awareness Center, it is not Mental and it only operates in the Now. 

So, it's like the Struggle is isolated or the individual is in a struggle with seemingly no outlet.  It's like the Body is under pressure, specifically the pressure to challenge, without a way of releasing it.  This is not the same for everyone.  Remember, I'm just dealing with the energy in front of me.  If you look at your chart and you don't have the Throat Center defined then what I'm saying has significant bearing on your life.  The same goes for individuals without a defined Root Center and a similar yet altogether different set of circumstances exist for people with undefined Spleens, or any combination thereof.  Lots to consider and much much more going on at this time within this definition of Struggle I've decided to isolate and hone in on at the moment. 

Nevertheless, this is the time for, as the phrase goes, getting it in.  Now you can get those abs, gluds, etc. right in a way that's in line with the design of the times.   This is the time to double up on overtime hours or do house and yard work because the Adrenal Glands are pressurizing the Spleen and thus the lymphatic and Immune System.  The Immune System is being pressurized and fueled by a very powerful Root Chakra.  This is taking place all over the planet.  In other words the Struggle, albeit in many ways ignored, is truly universal.  No one who exists is exempt from these imprints and The Just Now Chart is showing you the imprinting of what EVERYONE is experiencing when it comes to this Design Of Stubbornness. 

Not Even The Half 

Notice, we haven't even looked at the Sun, which is 70% of our daily programming, or the filtering Planets and the coloring and accenting qualities they bring, or the Nodes which establish the background frequency of the environment and the trajectories of our movements through them.  

Very Brief Look Ahead

As of this writing the Sun and the Earth are preparing to change *Gates, *Houses, and *Constellations in less than 48 hours.  Mercury in the Root Center in the Channel Of Maturation is preparing to retrograde along with Saturn in the Spleen, Neptune in the Solar Plexus, and Pluto in the Root Center.  In almost exactly a month from now, Uranus will Retrograde in the heart muscle as well.  Come to think of it, the North and South Nodes of the Moon, which sets up the themes of the collective environment like props on a stage, are preparing to shift Lines from 'Aloneness' and 'Secretiveness' to 'The Energy To Sustain Creative Work' and 'Patience', respectively, in the next week, bringing to the background frequency an environmental design of intense Trial and Error activity in the creative process with a theme of Bonds Made and Bonds Broken regarding individual direction, so I would then stress detail in everything, certainly in the exercising of that physical energy, so as not to break any limbs or incur any damage to oneself.  How this shift is preparing to impact your life is right there in your chart.  I'm getting a little ahead of myself because there's so many interesting designs aligning as we move towards, upon, and passed the transits afoot. 

Charting Approach  

For now, look at the chart and apply a little basic logic to what you're seeing.  The first thing I'm looking at in this Just Now Chart is where the Authority is and isn't anchored within the design of the moment, how long it's been there, how long it'll be there and what it'll be once it changes.   My process is even more specific when looking at a Rave or what's commonly referred to as a human being's chart as opposed to this Just Now because I always look at the individual's Inner and Outer Authority, Colors, Tones, Aura-Type, Profile, and Design side data first.  I actually draw out most of their genetic information by hand.  When I feel moved to I'll probe into the Conception data also in order to get a cleaner and clearer grasp of that individual's Biogentic Inheritance. 


The signs, times, and designs are pointing towards making a healthy relationship with one's body a top priority.  We are 9-Centered Beings with an 85-Year Uranian Lifecycle.  Think of the implications of having such a lengthy Lifecycle.  Sure, it's short when you really think about it in comparison to the expanse of time itself and it does fly by, but we're designed to live much much longer than in our recent ancestry.  We have to take better care of ourselves by honoring what uniquely defines us, beginning with the vessels we're in.  My eldest relative passed not too long ago at the age of 98 and all of her senses were in tact.  Aunt Honey tended a garden in her backyard, grew a lot of the foods she consumed, and remained independent up until the last stages of her life.  What's so remarkable is how in tact was her spirit, mind, AND body.  There was a great deal of serendipity in her chart but for the most part, a large majority of people aren't that 'lucky.'  If we say time is precious then the health of the body must be invaluable as well as the timing of empowering it; if for no other reason than the fact that one's purpose in life cannot be fulfilled without it.  The Struggle can be a winless and bitter battle with one bout of turmoil after another, or, the same struggle, when we LISTEN and when one's true purpose is what's being fought with and the fulfillment of that purpose is what's being fought for, can offer a knowing so empowering that it gets sweeter as it gets deeper and it gets greater later.  The Struggle, when one is correct, is designed to be a sweet invitation to a purposeful destination.  When in doubt, recall the words of Aesop, "And this too shall pass." 

Sincerely Yours

Brian 'TiB!' Holiday-El 

Brian Holiday-El, Host of the sapiosexual BodyTalkLive® is a, Ghostwriter, Entrepreneur, Activist, Children's Design Advocate, former Public School Educator, Human Design Trainer, Independent Rave Psychology Practitioner and HD Analyst, and is currently accepting formal invitations for, Tours, Clinics, Tutorials, Seminars, Apprenticeships, Rave Body Graph Analysis (Readings), Color Transference Analysis, Cross Of Life Analysis, Composite (Partnership) Analysis, Sexual Design Analysis, Professional Analysis, and more. 

To begin investigating, learning, experimenting with, and living your Unique Design, inbox or text Brian online @ 908.829.7137 ~ or send an email to TiB! using, 

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