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Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Mother's Worth!

Let's Go!

My mother, my mother, my mother, NONE ELSE CAN COMPARE! There was a program on television the other day entitled Young Voices, I believe, and there was a poem performed by a tall young dark sister and a short young caucasian boy. The poem was a metaphor between a woman as the planet Earth, Mother Nature, and Humanity as a whole. It spoke of how the same way the Earth is 'treated' by man with his pollution, wars, destruction and violence, is the same way a woman is treated.

How quickly people forget just how much a mother is worth!!!!!

My mother is my heart! She is the closest thing to God in this world! She sacrificed EVERYTHING for the well being of her children and grandchildren, yet she's done it without the slightest concern for herself. Even when a person is 'all-grown-up,' off into the world, living and learning, that NEVER changes the fact that when that person was born, naked, frail, fragile, ignorant, defenseless, and helpless, Mommy took care of that ass! Had she not fed you, you wouldn't have eaten! Had she not cleaned and cuddled you, you wouldn't have lived! Some fools have the gumption to say, “I didn't ask to be born!” Such a sentiment curses one's Maker, and Justice will quicken.

Lately, you haven't been feeling appreciated, so let me remind you just how much your worth is remembered. I love you Ma!! You've never judged me, but you've always been there to guide me! You've been the most understanding all the while being the most misunderstood! I think you're perfect because your love is! You're beautiful within and without! People make buildings, YOU made a MAN! People save lives, you saved mine! People turn their backs, your arms never leave me! Friends become enemies, who you are has never changed! People lose hope, your faith in me only grows! If anyone has forgotten, count me amongst the few who will never, ever, ever forget the worth of a Mother!

I love you Ma!!!!!!!!!!!!

your FIRST, B!!!!!!!!

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