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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Family Mandate

Who can express perfectly the importance of family?  Man o Man...if ye but knew the Providence of thine kindred, you would at once be humbled and so blessed by the sanctity of your blood.  What I'm saying is this, WE MUST BE TAKING IT FOR GRANTED!  My mother was born 51 years ago today!  Her trials are more than the hairs on my head...her love is stronger than the pride in my chest, her patience is longer than the orb of our planet.  Without her my days would have been shortened, my errors more costly, my ignorance more lonely!  I love her and every woman and soul like hers, for they are my FAMILY!  True Love comes from within, is offered up to the closest of kin, and radiates outward like rays of the sun. Let yours be TRUE!  Say no more, tommorrow I'll tell her...him...later on I'll show them...just how much love I much I care.  Such a moment is not promised, nor is the mind, the will, or the heart to!  Listen a little more to.....FAMILY!  Spend a little more time with....FAMILY!  Treat people a little bit more like....FAMILY!  And what would we as children of the Almighty inherit??????   Yes!  HEAVEN ON EARTH!  "for behold, the Kingdom of Heaven is where?????

I find it highly probable that if Humanity began  treating their loved ones as if at ANY minute she could lose them, we'd all know what it really means to be 'saved!'

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