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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Crossroads!

Let's Go!

The Crossroads

The only place where the faith, character, and resilience of a person meet with the
circumstances that encourages spiritual and psychological transformation is THE CROSSROADS!
How else do you really come to know and appreciate just how beautiful and wonderfully you're made
than by being tried and tested? Indeed, the path of least resistance most often affords individuals the
temporary comforts of going with the flow, but what happens when you're forced to choose between
what feels right and what is right? What happens when the opinions of others that you hold in such
high esteem fail to quell the insatiable thirst of the ego??? What do you do when doing just enough is
not enough??? What do you do when you can no longer hear the voice of the one you've relied on to
remind you of your worth??? Where do you go, when you've realize that the very thing you desire to
break free from follows you wherever you find yourself? When all that you value begins to seem worthless, for what should you strive for??? If you had no phone, who would write you a letter??? If you had no home, who would open up their doors???

Embrace the hardships that has and will inevitably befall every human being! When problems arise,
give thanks to whatever Higher Power you look to for the opportunity to improve, for this is where
hope dies and gives birth to faith, and where faith is transformed into LOVE! It is only at the
Crossroads that humanity truly finds, experiences and appreciates all that life has to offer! Don't go
looking for it, but when it comes, turn not away from it, because through it you are reborn and made

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