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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Elephant People: PART ONE by Brian Holiday-El

Let's Go!

The Elephant People: PART ONE by Brian Holiday-El

Who's in your way? What's really keeping you from the best in yourself and the best out of this life? In the foiling of your plot, the spoiling of your stock, and the soiling of your lot, who's really the culprit? Is it you, the people around you, or other forces at work in the world that's keeping you from attaining the status, achieving the goals, or freely availing yourself of the heartening pleasures of life??? Quickly, the following is a piece of information that if appreciated will help.
Have you ever questioned how an animal as big and powerful as an elephant becomes domesticated? Some time ago, I read about how, from birth, one of the legs of the elephant is bound. The elephant struggles over and over again to break free until finally it gives up trying to be free: It relents; capitulating and accepting its bondage.
Aside from being arguably the most peaceful and powerful animal on the face of the planet, an elephant is also noted as having the greatest memory! Once the elephant's will to assert it's self and to move about freely has been broken, because of its immensely powerful memory it never forgets the feelings of being disturbed, bounded, restricted, held back, retarded, curtailed , captured, enslaved, chained, stricken, displaced, prevented, suspended, separated, torn apart from , denied, disallowed, dejected, rejected, subjected, detached, withheld, isolated, overcome, rendered helpless, weakened, alienated, surrounded, overwhelmed, and oppressed! It remembers well and ceaselessly recalls its reduced state, so much so that long after the heavy rope has been removed from its leg and replaced with a simple string, it continues carrying on as if it were still mightily bound!
Doubly, the person responsible for successfully breaking and training the elephant becomes its master and as such effectively assumes all of the elephants affection, protection, and strict obedience that would have been given to its own species! How many of life's opportunities, disguised as obstacles, are like the string around the leg of the elephant? How much of the resistance and opposition to your continued efforts to bring about the best for your self are purely mental, only in your mind? And what percentage of reasons for shortcomings are just flat out excuses?

I Am The Elephant Man! (Part One)

In my humble opinion half of the time we're in the way and the other half of the time we need to get out of our own way!

Enlighten someone; share this T.I.B. Bit!
With Love,
Brian Holiday-El
6:40pm, 2/23/2011


  1. Brother B...this is exactly what I need. Your words are truly sent from the Most High and this brings an enlightened state to someone who struggles daily, myself. I know that everything happens for a reason and this here was for that reason of happening. Thank you. Peace and Blessings, guidance and Protection

    King Aus

  2. So true. Most of the time it is us, we are in our own way from reaching our destiny.

  3. Here, we meet again. So Right, So True. I'll be back again for more. I Love You SON!!!!!

  4. My problem is a combination of all of those obstacles listed in the first paragraph stump me feom my growth i must address each obstacle head on ome at a time.

  5. Going .......Going .......Gone . Namaste Brother and ALL the Family (Familiars). Brotha B , You Know what it is , as do we ALL , once We Allow it as SO . We often attempt to put it in Words which are great for some and confusion for others. Yet All WE Need WE already have. Eye extend Honor to You and Any that Cares a atomic spec. Ones Only TRUE Enemy is ONEs SELF or perception of a ENEMY. Love ALL , Love Well , Love Strong , Most Importantly Love to CARE... Once We have Mastered the Matrix and SEE the ONE , we realize that NOW the cycle has ONLY BEGUN ...........(Zerology)[slinky cycles :-)] .........HTP , Islam , Shalom , Salaam , PEACE ......."silent vibrations"

  6. I really appreciated your article Brian!

    "Either your a survivor or a victim, pick one!" I have that quote framed and placed in two places in my room, so that when i wake up in the morning, it's one of the first things I see...and in my family room, so that my friends and family, as well as myself, can see it there too!

    As I believe that choosing which role we're going to play is a daily commitment.

    Continued Blessings and thanks for the inclusion!

  7. Good Post. I was born with resilence, so anything in this post, I'm already knowing. The fight in me needs no reinforcement...! The only person allowed to speak into my life, is GOD and the vessel he chooses, and I confirm.

    P.s. the elephant is the symbol of Delta.
    King ish!

    But i feel u, playa. continue to practice what u preach. i know i will. Know thyself

  8. Marga Hambric McBrideMarch 14, 2011 at 4:03 PM


  9. Well written. You seem to have grasped the fact that greater than our fear of failing, is our fear of success. Just imagine how great we all would be if we got out of our own way. Peace.