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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Almost Home by Brian Holiday-El

Let's Go!

Thinking about the history of our experiences as a Race of people brings to mind every color in the emotional rainbow. I am overwhelmed with holy awe and profound pride when recounting the industrial inventiveness of my ancient forefathers and fore mothers, who charted the celestial and her eternal motions and cycles of planets, suns, moons, stars, and galaxies perfectly with the use of neither telescopes nor space stations; organized their cultures and civilizations and erected their architecture and systematized their words, ways, and actions so that they mirrored the orderly nature of the heavens above. Gripped by acute anger and sore dismay, battling with the righteousness of forgiveness, I am, when I recall the ominous advent of transatlantic slavery and the ineffable horror borne by my bygone kindred under the Roman yoke of Euro-centric colonization and genocidal exploits on the continents of Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Gloom and sorrow envelop my heart when I contemplate the murders, rapes, beatings, lynchings, hangings, the psychological and emotional torture of slave-making and involuntary bondage with its legacy of broken families, stunted growth, crippled trust, mental displacement, and debilitating fear. The advancements of the Civil Rights Movement built up a hope that was all but shattered upon the rocks of bigotry, institutional racism, and economic ostracism. At first glance, it would appear that we’ve been running on a social treadmill for the last half century since, economically and socially speaking, we've actually lost more ground that we've gained. As unimaginably taxing and inconceivably trying as it has been to hold on to the shreds of dignity, self respect and esteem of our waning humanity, we must grasp tighter to the divinity in our hearts and the memory in our blood. As understandable as it would be now to throw all morality to the wind and toss the spirit of compassion and giving to the birds thereby muting the voice of conscience and suppressing our inherent instinct to reason and love, be ye always encouraged in knowing this: The highest quality of strength, wisdom and beauty is only attained when suffering is overcome by faith and faith is crowned with love. No people have ever known the 'pinnacle of wisdom' like our ancient ancestors and now, my beloved brothers and sisters, no Race knows the bottomless pit of pain like us, the descendants of that great people. We have weathered every storm our foes have conjured, sustained every wound their blows have inflicted and died every death that life allows, but there is one last, long, toilsome lap; one more dark, winding, road to traverse; one more wide river to cross. At times we may travel and fight alone, but we will rise and triumph together as one in a victory requiring not only everything that we are, but also, everything that we never thought was possible, inspiring within me a strange mixture of fearlessness and joy. We are almost home!


  1. MOS DEF! NU-Beings, 361 the NEXT...Let's do it! Lets R.O.C.!!! (Revolution OF Consciousness/Raising Our Consciousness_)