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Monday, September 15, 2014

Advanced, Cycles, and Misc. HD Analysis

Let's Go!

HD Cycles, Misc., And Advanced Analysis

HD Cycles Analysis

I use HD to openly perform 42 different kinds of Analysis, 14 kinds of Cycles Analysis and 28 Miscellaneous and Advanced Analysis.  The 14 kinds of Cycles Analysis I use HD to perform are the Natal and Prenatal Solar Return, Natal and Prenatal Lunar Return, Natal and Prenatal Saturn Return, Natal and Prenatal Roof Phase, Natal and Prenatal Uranian Opposition (Mid-Life), Natal and Prenatal Kiron Return, and the Natal and Prenatal Flowering Phase.  Though not a Cycles Analysis, 5 closely related Analysis I provide using HD are, Transit Analysis, Previous Incarnation Analysis as well as Fertility Schedule Analysis, Pre-Conception Analysis, and Gestation Analysis (i.e., Conception to Crystallization through Interregnum to Natality Analysis.)

HD Misc. & Advanced Analysis

Misc. & Advanced HD Analysis I perform are, Strategy & Authority Analysis; 4 View Analysis; Line Analysis, Purpose, Profile, and Function Analysis; Composite (Partnership) Analysis; PHS Analysis; Incarnation Cross Analysis; Cross Of Life Analysis; Color Transference Analysis; Mystical Analysis; Sexual Analysis; Dream Rave Analysis; Cosmology Analysis; Bardo (Death) Analysis; Career Analysis; Advanced Mechanical Analysis; Holistic Analysis; Diagnostic Analysis; BG5 (Small Cap Business) Analysis; OC 16 (Mid-Cap Business) Analysis; Alpha One Analysis; WA Analysis (Large Cap Business).

See which one (s) your inner-authority naturally gravitates towards.  

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