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Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Eye! by Brian Holiday-El aka TiB! The Intelligent Brother (A rough draft excerpt of my up and coming book.)

Let's Go!

The Third Eye

My Personal Experience:
In 1999, I was a nineteen year old freshman at NSU, majoring in Political Science and Economics before I switched to Liberal Arts with an emphasis on English. Three years prior I met a man who irrevocably changed my life for the better. In 1996, I entered the front doors of the Old Franklin High School building in Somerset, New Jersey, with a dual motive; to finish school and try my hardest to steer clear of trouble. This was my fifth high school in two states and I was determined to make it my last and final, but what I was totally unaware of was who I was about to meet, and what I was about to be introduced to! My third period of study was History, taught by a man named Mr. Brandon Hardison. He was a short, middle-aged man at the time. “He was a soft-spoken clean cut man with a penetrating gaze glowing through his lenses, him, my eleventh grade history teacher. From his aura there emanated a power that was at, calming yet engaging, peaceful yet compelling, and harmless yet challenging. After just one conversation with him, I resolved my self to a life long commitment to learning, teaching, and self development. I began reading everything I could get my hands on. At sixteen, my interests grew in the areas of, math, economics, science, history, astrology, eschatology, mythology, metaphysics etc. 'all of which I’d soon become critically engaged in! Through our conversations, I developed a great deal of interest in the origin of government which brought me to the likes of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, so I studied their works in depth. From my eleventh Grade English teacher I took interest in Transatlantic Slavery and the African American experience in the “New Found Land. Following their leads to different authors and historical personalities only served to agitate my hunger for more knowledge and deeper insight. Mr. Hardison didn't return the following year, so aside from sports, music, and socializing on during weekends, I took largely to study and reflection. By the time I'd reached my freshman year in college I had amassed a considerable personal collection of books and literature and was filled with a passion to continue learning everything I could about everything I could . began a think group called Fellowship, that grew from about ten people to about eighty people in three weeks. With no other responsibilities at the time other than maintaining a satisfactory GPA, my days consisted of intense study, and my nights involved in rap sessions with like-minded individuals. But the more my knowledge grew, the more my knowledge of what I didn't know grew as well, so I began meditating on a daily basis figuring that the most important thing to comprehend was my self, so what better way to do so then to look within through meditation.
“Once I returned to college for the Spring semester in 1999, I learned that I did not have housing. A friend of mine I'd met my Junior year in high-school convinced his room mate to allow me to sleep on the floor in their dorm room. They lived on the first floor, so I was able to crawl easily in and out of the their dorm room window . In purview, these were my most productive years academically, maintaining a tenth percentile GPA.
One evening, I was walking through the campus close to mid-night with a friend when my attention began to trail off, into, and around the principle of Unity. I looked at the moon and thought to myself, “the Moon is my Mother.” Contemplating my relationship with the plants and trees and in my mind I thought, “I breathe in what the trees breathe out and the trees breath in what I breathe out.” Passing beneath a tree, I felt the center most point of my brain hatch open and surreptitiously a stupendously blissful ooze pour forth in, through, and through out the center most part of my brain soaking my pineal gland.” It persisted for sometime, overwhelming me with a hyper-acute sense of well-being and harmony. It was truly, up until that point in my life, the most beautiful mental, and physical feeling in the world I'd ever experienced: it was the equivalent to multiple orgasms taking place in the middle of my brain. It was so remarkable that I had to ask the person walking with me, “do you feel that?” He replied confusedly, “feel what?” I knew at that point that it wasn’t happening to him. I remember clearly saying to him,”everything's going to be alright.” As I walked home, the feeling subsided after numerous 'after shocks that felt like, “magmatic” fluid leaking into my pineal. After climbing through the window and settling in a chair in the center of the floor between my two roommates, I went into meditation. I felt peaceful, utterly thankful, humble, yet a bit bewildered at what had just happened. It was magical, majestic, spiritually awesome. What exactly had happened to me?

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  1. kasey shauntay LambMay 23, 2011 at 3:16 AM

    I don't know what happened too you, but I would love for it too happen too me. An orgasmic feel without a