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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Genius Citizens and a dialogue with a co-founder.

Let's Go!


Genius Citizens 

Founder Brian Holiday-El 
Co-Founder Corey Johnson
Co-Founder Devaron Yates
Co-Founder Hamilton Davis
Co-Founder Isaac Pitts
Co-Founder Larry Johnson

Genius Citizens' Purpose & Mission Statement

Genius Citizens (GC) is a learning organization dedicated to, self-mastery, ingenuity, and collaborative innovation, for the betterment of humanity, by being The Ones that are, consistently learning, consistently sharing, and consistently improving, ourselves, our environment, and our world.

Core Activities 

A. Sharing information that fulfills Our Purpose and Mission.
B. Posing questions where elaboration leads to fulfillment of Our Purpose and Mission. 
C. Enterprise and Innovate, by forging and enhancing Strategic Relationships that Engender the fulfillment of Our Purpose and Mission.


There are but two...

Generously Contribute.

Do not unto others what you would not want done to you.

Letter from the founder

Dear Genius Citizens,

It is my sincere and earnest hope that every one of us reading this letter lives to acquire happiness in fulfilling our individual purposes and missions in life as well as, find, explore, and develop, seminal designs that improve the lives and lifestyles of people the world over.

The Work of Genius Citizens is to establish and entrench themselves as a positive, creative, dynamic, and innovative force in a global community of people, and, by appreciating the extent to which knowledge, information, communication, and organization, are playing vital roles of increasing importance in the quality of life that we experience on this planet, we are devotionally and perennially engaged in mastering subjects, honing and developing skill sets, solving problems, and enhancing life's experiences.

Who will thrive, let alone survive in this new world order?  I say it is us...The Genius Citizens!  (Founder)

Clearly, it is an undeniable reality that we live in an era of rapid change, owed in part to the perfecting of technological innovation and it's inherent transformation of societal structures; giving rise to a massive shift in paradigm.  Who will thrive, let alone survive in this new world order?  I say it is us...The Genius Citizens!  (Founder)

Here are some notes from a conversation between myself and a co-founder, Corey Johnson.

Fifth discipline....deliberate practice and deep practice...craftsmanship...performance evolution...buddhism...ten thousand hours...important to look at..specifically...the ecstatic process...personal mastery...performance enhancement....a system of auditing...always deep wasted practice..potent and deep practice...a worthy strategic goal...always...potent...meaningful...always potent...highly substantive....these are things that should be audited...the pursuit of happiness in, eating, etc...when it isn't that you won't except it Andy at is how you raiser quality of life.  Why GDP doesn't as up steiligz...amartya sen..John Paul Fipouss...the commission of economic performance and progress...single metric versus dashboard approach...GDP and GNP market based and public...the case for revising the GDP...the poor, the environment, lifestyle...gross national happiness, happiness index...Practice on improving humanity on. Daily basis...making sure it resonates daily!  

You can't talk about power without can't talk about happiness without discussing flow...strategically actively pursue these metrics.  With mental models create a dashboard...strategic dashboard for broad goals...people talk about zeitgeist...don't want to live in a bubble!  Dr. Doesn't improve your skill set. The ultimate degree.  The best student, not the best teacher...getting the right vocabulary to transmit and transmute...sourcing is the gateway of have to deal with resources...Henry Kissinger!!!  When you control oil, you control nations.  When you control food, you control people.  Urban Garden Magazine.  Genetically modified agenda.  The big five.  USA, Canada, argentina, china, brazil!   Ecstatic process involves meditation and transformation.  Sourcing and creating jobs.  Be careful of how you speak about things...clarity needed.  The whole point of strategy is to be able to govern.  Properly select self.  

Bruce Mao...third teacher...42 principles of design.  Built new jets stadium...

7 principle of study!

Bruce Mao Written 1998...Don't Be Generic 

1. Allow events to change you....being open to growth...
2. Forget about good...
3. Process is more important that outcome. 
4. Love your experiment as you would an ugly child
5. Go deep  
6. Capture accident
7. Study 
8. Drift...allow yourself to...
9. Begin everywhere...
10. Everyone is a leader...
11. Harvest ideas...need ,dynamic, cloud, generous environment to flourish...mental 
12. Lattice work
13. Keep moving
14. Slow down...
15. Don't be yourself from that
16. Ask stupid questions...imagine learning at the rate of an infant
17. Collaborate
18. (blank)
19. Stay up late!
20. Work the metaphor
21. Be careful to take risks...time is genetic
22. Repeat yourself...if you like or don't like it again...
23. Make your own tools...they amplify your capacity
24. Stand on someone's shoulders
25. Avoid software
26. Don't clean your desk
27. Don't enter award competition
28. Read only left handed pages...leaves room for noodle
29. Make new words
30. Think with your mind
31. Organization equals liberty...(context)
32. Don't borrow money...(gentry)
33. Listen carefully!!!
34. Take field trips
35. Make mistakes faster
36. Be intimate
37Scat...when you forget the words...make up something
38. Gyroscopic
39. Explore the other edge!!!
40. Used old tech
41. Coffee rides...(interstitial spaces) the waiting places!
42. Avoid fields...jump fences!!!!!
43. Laugh
44. Remember!!!!!
45. Power To The People

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