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Friday, January 14, 2011

What To Question

Let's Go!

Why would you think of it if you could not bring yourself to achieve it? How can you conceive of it, if you
cannot be accomplished in it? That which brought you to the complete thought of a thing hath already
endowed thee with the wherewithal to toil it into existence. Does the Sun question the Moon's capacity to
reflect? Will the feet hesitate to support the mass of the body? Does not the salt of the mouth assist the acid
in the stomach? Do your lungs require your fullest attention to breathe or your neck deny your head the right
to swivel? Man is capable of anything and incapable of nothing. Impossibilities are the phantoms of the
dreamless dastard. The pulse that proceeds from the heart of the coward is the faintest, but the bravery of
the resolute is impenetrable. Just as some birds migrate south at the onslaught of the sojourning chill, certain
in nothing save the providence of Nature and the mandate of instinct...just as the bat teases gravity in the
throes of its repose while remaining void of the fear of crashing upon its skull, so too do you, O Man, have at
your disposal the Will and the Way. The thing then to doubt is not whether or not you can, but rather,
whether or not you ought to. From hence forth, question less your capacities and capabilities and ponder
more so the merits of your objectives, “for what is a man to gain if he gathers the whole world and loses
himself in the process?” Not a dog on thing!



  1. I LIKE IT HERE!!! -- Just went through your entire BLOG...I just received SPECIAL EFFECTS....and I still question myself "WHO DO THIS"? I am completely inspired from your work and study. I see new challenges in the to be training professors in their own profession. I await the Book.
    I Thank GOD for YOU SON. (Smile)
    Mother (A.K.A. Maah)

  2. May Peace and Blessings Be Upon You Brotha! This was right on time. In the midst of chasing dreams and pursuing goals, I found myself facing roadblocks that required the proper tools to get beyond them and this was definitely an effective tool! Thank you brother. A-S-A